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Summer is half over and what a hot one it’s been!  I took a bit of a summer break from the blog…well my creativity took a summer break, but I’m getting it back!

I know that many of you can relate to the bad habit I have formed over the last year of starting a project and leaving it to sit unfinished.  Well I decided it was time to finish those half started projects!

The canvas I’m sharing with you today I started back in January….6 months it patiently waited for me to finish, eek!

This little 5×7 canvas started when I dug through the bag of leftover chipboard bits Lori gave me.  I found a bunch of ‘hexagon like’ shapes gluing them to start the first layer.


I added some texture paste using a script stencil over the chipboard shapes for extra interest before painting them.  They were give a few different coats of paint, sprays & gesso before I was happy with the colour.  It’s all about adding layers until you’re happy!

The center piece is a mini canvas with a resin frame layered on top with an image from Tim Holtz paper.


Then I added layers of stamped and rub-on flowers which were fussy cut.  The darker flowers I covered with Seth Apter Baked Texture embossing powder in Vintage Bees Wax.

The mint green leaves started out white, which just wouldn’t do, so I coated them in Seth Apter Baked Velvet embossing powder in Lime.  I love the soft translucent colour these embossing powders add!


The clock & keyhole embellishments were made using a Prima mold.  I painted them with Finnabair Art Alchemy Steampunk Copper, then used some Finnabair wax to highlight the design of the pieces.


The chipboard swirls are from the store’s Laser Cut Chipboard collection, which I covered with gesso, some orange spray then used more Seth Apter Baked Velvet in Dusk.

As I was building the canvas there was a little too much ‘white space’ that needed something, so I pulled out a scripty text stamp and more Seth Apter Baked Texture in Vintage Bees Wax to add more texture but keeping it light!  This was the perfect solution!

I have to say if felt really good to not only get back to the craft table, but to finish off this long abandoned project!!!  I have a few more lying in wait for me to finish, and hope this has given you the inspiration to pull out those unfinished projects and get them done!!!

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Explore, Dream, Discover

Sometimes as we explore art we dream of a project that just doesn’t want to come out the way we expected.  Through the process we discover patience and perseverance.

Don’t give up when something isn’t turning out as you expected, walk away, come back and try again.

This project was one of those.  I had a vision and well it just wasn’t working.  Many, many layers and a nights sleep later the end result is totally different than what I imagined…but I LOVE how it eventually turned out!


Pink…it seems to be my nemesis, I don’t use it often but once in a while it’s the right colour.  However it seems to be the colour I struggle most with trying to get it just right.


But you know using things that you struggle with create a challenge, they make you try techniques or products you haven’t done before.

Then at the end you just have to giggle over the feelings of frustration, and how you almost let a colour get the best of you!


Normally I share some of the products I used, hmmm so many through the layers not entirely sure I could event attempt to list them.

There was lots of gesso, sprays, paint, waxes and embossing powder.  All thrown into the mix for the end result!


I do know that the background started by gluing some packaging that I saved to recycle rather than throwing out.  Texture paste and stencils started the layers for this piece.

To support the fun little frame I picked up years ago (it’s about 3×4″) I added a layer of paper straws.   This allowed me to layer some embellishments under the corners of the frame.


The body of the dragonfly was made using Prima molds, I discovered that hot glue works well in them.  I also discovered that a large glue gun works better than a mini gun.

The wings were cut from Tim Holtz Fanciful Flight die, an oldie but a goodie!

The saying ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’ definitely applies to this project!

I also remind myself that not every piece I create will be a masterpiece, I mean really it’s not going in a gallery or anything LOL!

Have fun with everything you create and don’t give up!!

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