Valentine pretties….

Hello everybody!

Check your calendars…Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  And we have the cutest idea for some unique gift packaging!


I found these mini egg cartons out there in the Interwebs, and alerted Lori to them, so you’ll be seeing them in the store very soon!  Here are some ideas for decorating and filling them.


I very quickly discovered how perfect these are for using up bits and pieces of stash.  Layering on chipboard, wood veneers, ephemera, bows and other “stuff” makes a super quick and easy way to dress up these cartons.


And how stinkin’ cute is it to give the gift of succulent plants in this heart shaped egg carton??  I DIE, I tell you!  And here’s what I’m wondering; if you were to cut the sections apart and plant them intact, I just bet you the material break down in the soil?!


I also found that the cartons take spray paint color really well, so they don’t have to be left white, although, I really like the plain basic way they come.  But c’mon.  GOLD heart shaped egg cartons with macarons inside??  I just died again.


And finally, I learned that the carton material is not too different from water-color paper.  I stamped on the lid, by pressing the stamp to the top and flipping it over so that I was actually pressing the lid onto the stamp.  (Taking care not to let it slip) (too much).  Then I filled in the image with water and dropped color onto it to let the color spread organically.  When the flower was dry, I did the same with the background and sides.


eggs2I don’t doubt these will fly off the shelves once Lori gets them in the store, so if you’re interested, let her know to save some for you.

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The evolution of a layout

Hi, Jennifer here.  I thought I would walk you through the process of how I created a layout.  Often times, the shabby distressed layouts look complicated when they are all done but really if you take it step by step it’s not that hard.   I started out by planning out the general feel of the layout.   Nothing is stuck down at this point - I can move things around until it feels right.

planning the general feel of the layou

Once I was happy with the general feel of the layout it was time to start working on the elements of it.   I often alter the embellishments to suit my style and layout.  I decided to dye some seam binding

getting seam binding and flowers ready to be dyeddyed seam binding and flowers

I used a Tim Holtz mister and 3 different distress ink refills.  I misted the seam binding first so that it was damp.  I put a drop or 2 of ink on my mat and misted it.  The seam binding picks the ink up randomly.   I dried it with my heat gun to set the colour.  The colour is lighter as the seam binding is dried. I would have used this crinkle ribbon if I had it in my stash.

I decided to add some texture so I ripped up a cardboard box and tore the top layer of paper off of it.   I added some gesso to the various elements I was going to use.  It is really important to dry the gesso on the elements before you go any farther. (otherwise there is gesso everywhere)


From this point, I added the elements to the page.  I like to tuck things in here and there to give my layouts depth.  Layering isn’t that difficult, just tuck things in and if you like the placement, glue it down.  If it’s not the right place there is the option to move it around if it’s not glued down yet.

Stella at 6 months

Here is the finished layout.  I have it displayed on my piano.

I hope you enjoyed walking through the creative process with me.  I hope you get creative soon.  I would love to see it.

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