New Year, new products, new inspiration…

Hello friends and welcome to our first post of the New Year!  I’m a bit holiday seasoned-out so I was glad to just pull out some new supplies recently acquired from the Love is in the Details store, and mindlessly play.  These FUN little birthday designs printed on watercolor paper were the perfect little canvases to play on….


…and these new watercolor pencils from Spectrum Noir were the medium of choice!


In case you’re wondering, how the various brands of watercolor pencils compare…because there are a few to choose from….I did this little color comparison sample.  As you can see from the photo, the Spectrum brand provides a thick and creamy coverage that turns to a beautiful watercolor tint.  Even better, they will be releasing more color collections, and having a bad case of Collect the Whole Set-itis, I will be needing all those colors.


Before I show you the cards that came out of this therapeutic coloring session, I wanted to show you how you can achieve a fun color blend.  I used two shades of blue pencils and a green and colored the block letters in thirds from top to bottom.  Then, using a water brush I colored the top color, then the bottom color and finally, colored the middle section, overlapping into the top and bottom so they would blend together.


I did the same for the rainbow CELEBRATE letters and presents on the card on the top left, and an orange/yellow ombre on the Birthday card on the bottom right.


Here are some close-ups of the individual cards.




This last card was colored with the new Tonic Studios Nuvo Aqua-Wash brushes in the store.  They come in color sets of threes and I used the spring and summer color sets to paint the balloons and alphabets below.


Thanks for coming by today!  I’m really happy to be back with some new inspiration, not to mention, fun new products to play with and then tell you about!   Have a wonderful day!


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Hey, hey, hey…!

Guess what.

There is no foil to be found in today’s blog post.  Not anywhere!  I know! I’m as floored as you!

What there is though, is coloring.  I’ve managed to accumulate more than my fair share of coloring books for grown-ups in the last year or two.  And just when I tell myself enough is enough, I see another one that’s cuter than any I already own!  But I think I’ve finally  found my all time favorites and need no others.  There are several gorgeous coloring books to choose from in the store, but my favorites are the watercolor decor pads from Prima.  They are coloring pads with a gorgeous quality of water color paper  that makes them beautiful for coloring with Prima watercolor pencils (I don’t see them listed in the store, but check with Lori - I’m sure she can order more) and then going over with a water brush, (my favorite technique) (or painting straight from a watercolor paint set (Prima’s are gorgeous!)) without the deterioration of the paper that you get in some books.


I spent the first 16 days of November traveling and wanted to pack something to take along that wouldn’t need a lot of room but would provide a variety of creative outlets for when time permitted.  It actually did more than that in fact!  One afternoon we were a group of family members together, of three generations, and I pulled out my coloring bag.  I can’t tell you how amazing and fun it was to have everyone reach for some pencils and a page to color, while we all just sat and talked and laughed and visited in a much more relaxed way than your typical social setting!  I was SO glad I’d packed it all in my luggage!

Here are some of the things I made from the pages I’ve colored.  Both of my books have a variety of designs, from full pages to spare, clean smaller designs and many are nice to simply color, pull out and frame for a piece of home decor!



From the full page designs, I was able to cut them up into 4 sections for card making.  I left the cards fairly simple to keep the focus on the pretty color and water color texture.  All of my designs are done by coloring first with the Prima water color pencils and then coloring again over top with a water brush.



I just love the finished, brightly colored and painted designs.  There’s something a little bit William Morris or Lilly Pulitzer about them!   I know you wouldn’t be disappointed if you got yerself a book and colored some up too.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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