New Year, new products, new inspiration…

Hello friends and welcome to our first post of the New Year!  I’m a bit holiday seasoned-out so I was glad to just pull out some new supplies recently acquired from the Love is in the Details store, and mindlessly play.  These FUN little birthday designs printed on watercolor paper were the perfect little canvases to play on….


…and these new watercolor pencils from Spectrum Noir were the medium of choice!


In case you’re wondering, how the various brands of watercolor pencils compare…because there are a few to choose from….I did this little color comparison sample.  As you can see from the photo, the Spectrum brand provides a thick and creamy coverage that turns to a beautiful watercolor tint.  Even better, they will be releasing more color collections, and having a bad case of Collect the Whole Set-itis, I will be needing all those colors.


Before I show you the cards that came out of this therapeutic coloring session, I wanted to show you how you can achieve a fun color blend.  I used two shades of blue pencils and a green and colored the block letters in thirds from top to bottom.  Then, using a water brush I colored the top color, then the bottom color and finally, colored the middle section, overlapping into the top and bottom so they would blend together.


I did the same for the rainbow CELEBRATE letters and presents on the card on the top left, and an orange/yellow ombre on the Birthday card on the bottom right.


Here are some close-ups of the individual cards.




This last card was colored with the new Tonic Studios Nuvo Aqua-Wash brushes in the store.  They come in color sets of threes and I used the spring and summer color sets to paint the balloons and alphabets below.


Thanks for coming by today!  I’m really happy to be back with some new inspiration, not to mention, fun new products to play with and then tell you about!   Have a wonderful day!


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Good Tonic…

Hello friends!  I’m back today with a few cards made as a result of some experimentation with Tonic Nuvo drops!


There are two types of Nuvo Drops available in the store (or will be when it re-opens at the end of summer) and I love them both.  The Crystal Drops label means the product dries fairly opaque while the Jewel Drop label is a clear, translucent product.  I am in. LOVE. with all the shades of Jewel Drops and wish they would release about 36 more colors!!  I would drizzle them on my cereal, they’re so yummy!

So I had the idea to try and see how they might work as a coloring product.  That is, to fill in some blocky shapes with color, even shading if possible.   Success depends on your desired end result.  I would have liked a smooth, shiny finish, so in that, I was unsuccessful.  But if my desired result was a crackle effect, (and you can buy product to achieve exactly that), then I was very successful. (I’ve since learned that Tonic has made some changes to their formula for the Jewel drops, to help avoid the cracking).


I used a variety of Elizabethcraft Peel Off stickers for the shapes, and there are so many fun themed sets that would work great, and, as well,  you could accomplish much the same effect with a black, stamped, heat embossed image.  The idea is that the raised edge of the sticker or embossed image forms a barrier to hold in the liquid enamel while it dries.  For the card above, I “colored” in, three little floral motifs and then once they were dry, fussy cut around them so I could layer them up on the front of the card.

I began by using a darker, shade of Jewel Drops for the shaded part of the leaf or flower petal, then coming back in with a lighter shade, before it had dried so that the color would all run together.


In this photo you can see the mix of darker green with the lighter.  The darker was the Jewel drops and the lighter was the Crystal drops.  Mixing opaque with transparent isn’t necessarily a good look but it was the only way I had to accomplish what I was attempting.  You see why another 36 colors of Crystal drops would be nice??   On the flower petals you can see where I laid down the darker shade of pink Crystal drops before I went back with the lighter shade.  Crystal drops blends with Crystal drops quite nicely.  Then I set it aside to dry.  It takes a couple of hours to several hours depending on the humidity where you live.


For a greater variety of colors, I also used some of the Ranger Enamel Accents - a product that is much the same as the Tonic Nuvo drops.


After the Nuvo and Enamel Accents were all dry, I cut out the design once more, so it could be layered on top of an interesting watercolor background.


Finally, I made the cards above, beginning with a stamped, heat embossed image.


As you can see in the photo above, the card on the left is created with the Tonic Nuvo Drops.  After the flowers and leaves were colored in and I wasn’t overly thrilled with the blending results….I mean, it’s oKAAAAYYY, but not fantastic….I decided to try a different tack to create something similar but with more reliable results.


I stamped and embossed the same image, and this time I colored in the leaves and flowers with Zig markers and then covered each portion with Clear Enamel Accents.  It’s a look that makes me happier.  Which is not to say, there aren’t occasions where I would still use the Nuvo drops for coloring, especially if they get my memo telling them to create and release 36 new colors!!  And the enamel dots on this last card are still created using Nuvo dots.  It’s a product that always shines in the enamel dot arena!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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