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You know a thing is well established when it’s reduced to an acronym.  MIL, LOL, ICYMI, BOGO, YOLO, FOMO, and so many, many more.  Unbeknownst to me, Travelers Notebooks is just such a thing!  But they aren’t your 8.5×11″ spiral bound college-lined notebook that you travel with.  At least not generally.  I still have much to learn about this scrapbooking phenom, but they are typically about 4.3″x8.25″, a small number of pages stapled together, meant to be inserted into a larger folder, often leather bound.  And the reasons for using them are as myriad as the people who possess them.  Some are using them as gratitude journals, idea journals, reminder notebooks, bullet journals, some add photos, others have none.  I really liked the ones that are treated as miniature scrapbook pages with a bit of a project life slant.  Some folks add them to their planners as an extra component….I dunno, it’s all still a bit of a mystery to me.

I wanted to make a mini album of all the photos we took over the New Years holidays when our whole family was together, and as I consulted Pinterest for some ideas - I didn’t want to have to buy something already made - nor did I feel like altering a vintage book - I have a different project like that coming soon - and I kept seeing these travelers notebooks everywhere.  So I decided to make one (of sorts) of my own.  I wanted to use the papers from the Carta Bella Cabin Fever line and because they coordinate, sort of, augment with plaids from the PhotoPlay Mad for Plaid line.


I cut the pages 8″x 8.5″ and folded each down the middle.  I also added a couple of plain off-white and kraft cardstock pages just to break up all the patterns.  The photo below shows the reverse (or inside) of the folded papers above, and you can see some of them have rather “busy” patterns that I didn’t want to have to fight, so I painted them with a thin coat of off-white acrylic paint - just enough to mute the patterns yet still let them show through a little.


I’ll say it straight up.  This is turning into a bigger project than I envisioned.  I’ve reduced the number of printed photos by half, and I still have only a few pages to show you.  This is definitely going to have to be a 2-part post!  I finally realized why it’s taking so long - because essentially, each page is a mini layout!  And just because the size is smaller, doesn’t mean I’m going to put any less sweat and effort into it as I would a regular layout.  I could, I guess, but that wouldn’t fit with my life’s philosophy that anything worth doing is worth overdoing!

Here’s approximately where things stand right now.  That’s the cover on top but I’m not certain it’s finished.  I may change my mind about it yet.  As well, the pages that follow aren’t in any particular order, and they aren’t fastened into book form as a whole.  That will come next week.  Or whenever.





This is the pair of pages about the single kids and their respective boyfriends and girlfriends they each brought to introduce to the family.  That was some interesting dynamics, let me tell you!  But we love them all!

Next up, is the page about the games we played over the holidays….




…and the meals together around Jeff and Amy’s table.  This was one of the pages done on plain off-white cardstock and I realized the contrast between patterned paper and plain, was too great for my liking.  So on the one side (the right side, above) I drew lines with a grey marker, and below, I stamped a light gingham pattern in pale teal ink.  The “lets eat” alphabet letters are die-cut from red cardstock using the Memory Box Urban Upper Alphabet die set.




And finally, a page about the cutest little snow angel you ever did see!  I was able to incorporate many of the die cuts, chipboard embellishments and stickers from the Echo Park - A Perfect Winter line.  And with any project like this, I use the opportunity to raid my stash and use up OLD product, like wood veneers, washi tape and other embellishments.  As well as using the similar paper product lines to unite the project, I’m repeating elements on each page to make it more cohesive, such as the use of tags and labels, and word stamps stamped multiple times.  Another element I plan to use throughout is typing most of the journaling, either with my WeR Memory Keepers typewriter or a similar typewriting font on the computer.




I’m sort of embarrassed by the state of my work table to just complete this many pages and a little afraid that the whole house will be trashed by the time I finish the remaining pages!  Wish me luck!  Thanks for stopping by today!

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6 years and counting….

Hello, hi!

Monday was the 6th anniversary of when I started on the design team here at Love is in the Details, so I thought I’d like to go back and review the years and re-share some of my favorites! First thing that I noticed when I went all the way back is that my photography and styling skills have changed. For the better I’d like to say!

Going all the way back to 2012, this mini album remains to this day, one of my very favorites. It was made from a really pretty line of Heidi Swapp papers and the pages were all differing widths so that you could see the last page or the next page from the page you were on. I still really love the dimensional depth that comes from layers upon layers of photos, paper patterns and embellishments. You can see more of it here.


I was afraid this might happen. I can’t limit my faves to one per year. There was this one as well from 2012. Such a cute idea to make an envelope from a polkadot paper bag and make it match the card that went with it. How did I think of something so cute?? I need to do this again! Click over to here to see the cute card that went inside this envelope.


Ohmygoodness then there’s this post! Remember Smash books? I only ever made this one, (although I still want to make a NYC trip smash book) but it was SO fun, partly because I prepped it before we left on our trip to Italy and then took it along with me to document each day while it was still that day and I could remember events and thoughts, and tape in the bits of travel ephemera from the day. I even collected gelato spoons in a little envelope! It makes me want to go on another trip now!



Then 2013 saw these adorable baby cards made from buttons! You can see more of that post here.


And then, remember Inka Gold?? I still love that stuff! Here’s a layout I made using that paste,


And then some cards made with Inka Gold in this post here.


But my very most favorite from the year that my son got married and we had a bridal shower for his fiancee are these posts here, here and here!


On to 2014! 2014 was the year I tried a few new things! I started off the year with designing some laser-cut chipboard sentiments for cards, layouts and more!  This post and this one too, are what came from that endeavor that I sadly miss and wish hadn’t gone away!  There are so many chipboard things I’d love to use!


And this layout…


And these canvases here


And then towards the end of that year, we got a cool new product into the store called Kraft-Tex! It was an interesting product that came in white, black and kraft, that you could treat like paper as well as like fabric! I made passport covers for everyone in my family. (I still use mine!)



And I also made and Mixed-Media-painted a book cover with lots of stamping and stenciling for my watercolor papers.


2015 started off strong with these cute heart shaped egg cartons!



We did some family craft projects at the lake that year with lots of washi tape!


And I made these Batik-styled cards



And this pretty layout


But my very most favorite project EV. ER. is this vintage book, bridal shower mini album! (Part one and part two!)


2016 found me finally finishing up my ancestor shannon file boards here and here!


… and receiving, trying and LOVING my MISTI tool, and making a dozen grad cards with it!


It was also the year we found out we were going to be GRANDPARENTS!!


And finishing out the year with foil, more foil, and home decor foil!!




Finally, in 2017 we became grandparents and there followed a few baby layouts.


But only a few.  I wouldn’t want to be a bore that way.  But watch this space for a mini album coming soon!

There was also this adorable layout of my friend’s little grandson!


And this was the year that Distress Oxide Inks came into our lives.  And we haven’t been the same since.


Oxides and stencils.  A winning combo any day of the week!


So this post today was a fun walk down memory lane that made me want to get back into my scrap room and document some more memories in a way that is so emotionally and visually pleasing!  It also made me thankful again for the opportunity that Lori and Love is in the Details has provided me to get to play with new products and to share with you on a regular basis, all the creative stuff that comes from that play.

If you’ve lasted all the way to the end, thank you and have a wonderful day!!

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