Lost Journal - Part 1

As we all know trends come and go, often coming back again.  Well I’ve noticed a big junk journal trend going on….which Lori informed me I missed this trend the first time.  We had a chuckle over that actually. :)

With this in mind I pulled out a base junk journal Lori made for me many years ago, actually the store was still in Miami when she gifted me with this.  This poor lost journal has patiently waited for it’s day to shine!

Over the next few posts (yup could be 3 or more) I am going to share with you what I have done so far with this journal to add more pages, getting it ready to be filled!


As you will see I have not embellished this journal at all yet, that will come once I start adding photos and journaling.  The journal originally had 15 pages in it, with all my additions it now has over 40!


As you will see the pages throughout are different sizes, styles and shapes!!  I love that look, it creates interest and makes the book unique!


This is what you see when you first open the journal, I used the inside of the covers to add more pages.  You can also see that on each side I added a pocket, this  is such an easy way to add even more pages to your journal….and it looks pretty too!


The pocket piece on the front inside cover also flips open…again adding flip out pages is another easy way to add more pages.  It also makes it fun to explore the journal finding all it’s hidden secrets!


I also made it so the pocket and it’s page flip up as well, creating at least 6 pages on the inside cover alone!!!

For my flip out pages I used a fabric tape I’ve had for years or washi tape.  If you do use washi tape please add extra adhesive, this will make those flip out pages more sturdy!


Moving back to the first page I show you the pocket insert, which is a little mini book on it’s own!  I could add more pages to that, perhaps I will once I have my photos sorted out and feel I need more pages.

With this little book I end up with at least 4 pages to add photos & journaling!


When you turn that first page you see that it’s actually an old Maya Road envelope…just think of the hidden gems you can put inside there.  Actually another mini book would work great, or if I was gifting this I could fill it with journal cards or other embellishment pieces.  There are so many possibilities!

Next to that is a fun piece of chipboard, I think it may have been from an old album set…which I might have one hidden in my stash.  Until I finish the book I’m a little undecided how to use that page, so for now I clipped on some journal cards.  Using a clip rather than gluing them down creates more space for photos or journaling!


As you can see I added a journal spot to the back of that page too!  I just love how all the different styles & sizes for these pages give this book so much interest event thought it’s not finished yet!


Moving on….both these pages flip up, but the one on the left also has a little pocket on the front. Great for adding a little tag into it!


Now the page on the right has a pocket which I’ve tucked in some of these Tim Holtz Pocket Cards, which are pretty awesome!

Wow well we’ve made it through the first 3 ish pages which you can see I found very creative ways to maximize this little junk journal so far!

I hope you come back next week for part 2 and explore more of the pages I’ve created!!!

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Traverler’s Notebook, part 3!

Hello!  How’s things?  Cold enough for ya?  Kids on spring break?  Me?  Oh, well, I finally finished my traveler’s notebook styled mini-album!  That’s cause for a donut and a coffee I think!  I have a few more pages to show you today, and I’m going to finish this series next week with the last pages and the binding technique!

Here goes!

I had to make a page about Little Ann.  She’s almost as much a member of the family as any of the humans.  Especially with her preference for laying on soft couches over the mat at the backdoor.  Or quel horreur!  Actually having to stay outside!




Next up is a page about Baby Archie and all his adoring girlfriends.  No one is immune to his sweet charms.  I always love a project like this for the way it reminds me to bring out my container of very old stash.  Bits and pieces that are left over from other projects and don’t have a home anymore.  Like that black edged journal card.  And my sheets of word stickers and phrase stickers!?  I used a BUNCH on this page and in this book and I love how they do their part to tell the story besides the journaling!




The next page is about our Sunday Family Dinner for 20.  Our Air BnB house rental made it so easy for us to do.  It was a great old house!  My Uncle and Aunty had just marked their 50th wedding anniversary the day before, so there were several extended family members visiting that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  Everyone was invited for ham dinner.  And my other Uncle related again, the story of my mom’s family escaping from East Germany at the end of WWII, and coming to Canada.  It’s a good story.  I never get tired of hearing it.  This time we got the young boy’s perspective.  My mom and Aunty’s versions never mention the soldier’s guns or the kinds of planes flying overhead.


I like to balance two page layouts like this one, where one side is visually heavy, loaded up with photos and embellishments, but the opposite page is left with minimal embellishing, making it a rest for the eyes, like this page above.



Lastly, is a page about our New Years Eve activities along with a B&W photo of each couple building their Gingerbread house.  (Check back next week for the results of that activity.)  I really loved working on this grey wood-grained patterned paper.  I found the color and design very neutral and beautifully understated.





So that it’s for today!  The last few pages and the binding will come next week.  I hope you’ll stop by again for that!

Have a great week!

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