Shannon Files….part II

Hi everyone, I’m back again, with more of the Ancestor Memory File boards I recently made.  Remember my last post here?  Well, I have more!  And someday, when I’ve got them hung on a wall finally, I will even show you a picture of that!  Lets see what we’ve got today!

The first one is of my husband’s grandmother and her family.  She is the young girl, front and center in the photo.  Baba Rose is the only way I ever knew her, so it’s very special to see (and have) photographs like this to get a glimpse into her younger life.



I included the glasses and milk bottle cap as well as an old, ornate door knob.  I don’t have any specific mementos that once belonged to her so I had to use items that “might” have been (and quite likely were) a part of their lives.


This next memory board is of my own grandparents.  I do have a number of things that belonged to them; they were meticulous in keeping everything that referenced another place and time.  That includes their boat passage tickets to Canada, a Deutschmark, their passports, a train schedule and work documents, and much more that I didn’t have room to use.  Underlying it all, is a letter written to the family who sponsored their family’s move to Canada after the war, telling about some of their feelings and experiences.shannonpihrag1

I added some mini-phrase stickers, crystal stems, a stitched flourish from my scrapbooking stash, as well as a fountain pen and watch face that are “found objects”.



This last memory board is just a collection of bits and pieces I’ve collected over the years that reflect my love of sewing and vintage sewing items.  The wood veneer dress form, wired bead floral pick, word stickers, dew drops and floral die cut, all came from my scrappy stash.  shannonsewing1



Thanks for stopping by today to see what’s new!


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File that…

I wonder if you remember this post from way back in 2013….?  A Shannon file clip board of my dad with ephemera that either belonged to him, or reminds me of him.


I’ve had it on my to-do list ever since then to finish up some other Shannon file boards, with a few more of my ancestors and let me tell you, 2.5 years is WAY too long to have anything on a to-do list.  So I’m happy to say, these are finished and ready to hang!  And how timely too?  With the house freshly painted, the walls are just begging for some new nail holes!!

I created/altered 6 boards, so I’m going to break this post up and show you some of them today, with the rest to follow.  This first board  showcases my paternal grandparents.  They were Saskatchewan farmers; hard working, sturdy folk.  My grandma sewed her own dresses (as did many women of that era) and always had a hankie tucked into her sleeve or her dress.  And I remember well, my Grandpa’s big hands, holding his Bible, and his glasses.  And Watkins.  They had a Watkins remedy for any ailment you could think of, so of course, in the background, there is a page from a vintage Watkins catalogue!


Besides some found ephemera, I used some Tim Holtz Idea-ology Chitchat and Petite Diction word stickers and some Robin’s Nest Dew Drops.



This next one is of my mom.


It includes some documentation from her immigration to Canada from Europe, and her boat passage tag, as well as a metal paperclip commemorating the City Hospital where she got her nurses training and worked.  Scissors and clocks were an important part of that life, so are included, as well as a Canadian postage stamp to denote her love for her adopted country.  As well, I included some Kaisercraft die cuts and old Autumn Leaves stitched flourishes from my stash.shannonmom2

The last one I have to show you today is a bit “out there”, I will admit!  I saw something similar in a scrapbook store in Edmonton years ago and when they wouldn’t sell it to me, I had to make my own.  It will go to the cottage and doesn’t commemorate any relatives, living or dead!  I ordered the bug off the Interwebs and had to open and mount it myself!!  Gggnngghh!  I the layered layered the file board with a piece of paper from an accounting notebook, a vintage fishing fly on it’s store card, and a page from a fish card collectors booklet (also vintage) as well as a Canadian postage stamp.  The overall botanical effect will fit in perfectly at the cottage at the lake!

Scrapbook supplies that made it onto this board, are some of these Petite Diction word and phrase stickers.  And the root is a plant I bought, fully assured of it’s dying like my plants do, except that this one would not die and now I am a plant murderer!!  It about killed me to do it, but the ends justify the yada yada yada.


Thanks for stopping by today to see what’s new!

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