Day 8 of the #12daysofholidaygiftwrap…

Gift wrapping days are slowing drawing to a close and soon it will be Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, whenever your family opens gifts.  But we still have some fun ideas left for your gift bag inspiration!

Today’s gift bag is the smaller flat bag again, and once more, I’ve run it through the Big Shot with a snowflake embossing folder.  A fun thing about putting a bag into an embossing folder, is that when you’re finished running it through, you have the same design DEbossed on the back of the bag!  Which looks pretty cool!


This bag came together pretty quickly, with a strip of washi tape all around the bottom of the bag, and then some layers of a label sticker, a white glitter paper snowflake, a silver, glitter paper holly leaf and a white shimmer leaf with a wood veneer word glued on the top.  Zip, zap, zoop, as they say!

You can see the supplies used pictured below.


Once again, check back tomorrow for day 9 of this gift bag-apalooza!

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Day 4 of the #12daysofholidaygiftwrap…

Hi there!

I’m back today with more gift bag inspiration for you!

And we’ve got this stenciled and glittered number!


For this bag, I die cut the snowflake stencil from a Silhouette cut file.  For most of the stenciled bags I’ll be showing in this series, the stencils are die cut from cardstock with the intent of using them only once.  You could squeeze a 2nd or even 3rd use out of them, but you’d want to do it all at the same time before the first batch of paste dries and starts flaking or the stencil itself tears.


Smear is such an unfortunate word, like moist, or phlegm, connoting unpleasant images; nevertheless, I smeared the modeling paste through the stencil with a palette knife (couldn’t think of that word when I was editing the photo so it’s identified there as a spatula.  Which it is.  Sort of.)  and then I covered the paste with glitter while it was still wet (damp) (another cringe-worthy word, sorry).  While it dried, I decorated and stamped a white tag. punched a row of holes across the folded top and laced some butcher’s twine through and back before tying it all up.

All of the supplies I used are pictured below.


Thanks for stopping by today.  There will be more inspo if you come by again tomorrow!

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