I really love …

… when I get to see what our awesome customers create.  This month has only just begun and it is so amazing to see so many jumping on the bandwagon and doing some RAK’s and Love Attacks right along with me.  It makes me smile ear to ear when I get text messages, tags on Instagram, and people just sharing with me the different things they are doing and planning to do.  I love it, makes me heart smile!


This ever so cute box full of love was created by Tina Stoesz from Plum Coulee, MB.  I met Tina when I first moved the store to Winkler, and her and I have got to know each other quite well over the years.  I consider her a dear friend and love it when she drops in at the store.  I have encouraged her to show me things she makes and now I often get to see some of her beautiful creativity.  She also sews clothes for the American girl dolls, I have seen some of the gorgeous outfits and dresses she has made.


This is going to be such a sweet surprise for the recipient, so many details and so much love put into it.  Thank you Tina for letting me share it with everyone.  It’s beautiful!

Please keep watching Instagram and Facebook to see what might happen next during the month of love at Love is in the Details!








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Napkin anyone?

This blog post is written and submitted by Wanda Truijen from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I saw this technique on Pinterest a couple months ago and decided to give it a try.

Have you ever had some really pretty napkins that you liked alot and thought that they’d be super nice on a card or scrapbook layout?

Well, you can turn that pretty napkin into paper and use it - any . . way . . you . . want to!!

You’ll need some pretty napkins or tissues that you want to transfer, an iron, some plastic wrap, scissors, newspaper (lots & lots), white cardstock for the base.


Important - First you need to make sure that the napkin is 1-ply. Ruffle the edges and peel back the layer. I didn’t peel the separate ‘plys’ and my first attempt failed, as the white, backing layer was the layer that fused to the cardstock and not the pretty printed layer. Doh!!


You can iron on your ironing board if you want, as the surface is protected by newspaper. I used a very thick layer of newspaper for the base that I ironed on. Just make sure you protect your table, counter, surface that you are working on from the heat of the iron. One of those big 11×17 newspaper pads for kids doodling works well too. You can just put it in between the layers of paper.

Put down the cardstock first. Then place the plastic wrap on top as flat and smooth as you possibly can. (One of those cheaper boxes of plastic wrap is great for this because I find it doesn’t stick on itself very well.) Then layer the top with the pretty napkin. Top with a layer or 2 of blank newspaper to protect the napkin and catch/fuse any plastic wrap outside the edges.


A medium heated iron should do the trick. Iron the entire area. The plastic wrap will fuse the napkin to the cardstock, AND fuse to any newspaper that is outside the edges. After ironing, let it sit for a couple minutes to cool down before you CAREFULLY peel everything apart. If you are not careful, you could peel the napkin off too. I did that. Ooops!

In the picture above, the napkin is larger than 8.5 x 11, so it covered the entire surface. Some of the pretty purse tissues are smaller than that, so when you lay everything out, the plastic wrap will be outside the edges and fuse to the newspaper that you cover the project with.

Voila! You have some pretty napkin cardstock paper, that feels really nice. I thought the texture was quite nice.


You could also change up the colour of the base cardstock. Here I used a pink base and look at the difference in the result. Pretty, isn’t it?


When you go to use the napkin cardstock, it’s best to use your scissors to cut it or perhaps a punch. I found that when I used the paper cutter, it did damage the edges a wee bit. I just sanded it off and put it on my card.




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