Keep yo’ fo’ks folks, they’s pah!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends and neighbors!!  C’mon in and help yourself to something from our appetizer platter!  The table is set and the turkey in the oven is making the house smell divine!!


I’m sharing with you today, some photos of our Thanksgiving tablescape.  And also the little crafty/scrappy effort I made for place setting name tags.  Because I have all the supplies and someone would be disappointed if I didn’t.  Make that effort.  Even if the only disappointed person is me!


I don’t have a grey table cloth to cover both our regular dinning room table plus the folding table Mr B has jimmied to fit with the regular table like its all one huge long table, so I covered everything with several white cloths and then angled the grey table cloth to fit end to end and tucked the sides up underneath the cloths.


Yes, I married copper accents with china that has a gold edge AND silver tableware and goblets.  I don’t care what anyone says.  I like it and I’m gonna do it.


So these name tags.  As much as I wish I could say I printed them (and that IS my goal to one day be able to do) I stamped these.  With individual alphabet stamps.  That Lori is looking into getting in the store.  SUCH a fun and easy way to look way more Pinteresty than you actually are.


I tucked a single gingersnap cookie into each little paper bag (and I used up all I had so, Lori, I’ma need more please!) folded over the top and tied the tag to the bag with some twine.  Love how the buttery cookie makes grease marks on the bag!  These bags and these would also be super cute!



I found some copper twinkle lights at Kirkland, a home decor store down here.  They’re battery operated so no need for cords dangling off the table.


I decided against the fall colored floral arrangements I’ve seen everywhere this year, and decided to just cut a variety of greenery and put them in the chalk painted mason jars I did awhile back.  I love the simple color scheme of grey, white, copper and green.  So fresh and on point!

And finally the pie.  Always pumpkin.  I have no need to complicate my taste buds with pecan or apple options and so my guests have to be happy with pumpkin as well.  I am learning a new skill of cake decorating so the spun sugar accent was a late night youtube lesson that I thought would go fine on the pie.  I think I’ve just started a new tradition in our house!


I hope you’re having a spectacular day where ever you are.  And if it includes a bite of turkey, even better!!

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Congrats Grad!

Yup, it’s that time of year again…school is out already here, proms and graduation have already happened and kids are either sleeping late or getting up early for their summer jobs.  Up north, the kids still have just over a month till graduation so you’ve got some time yet to make your Congrats cards, and I’m here with an idea for you today!


My first criteria was I wanted to use my new MISTI tool!!  (Got it for my birthday after many less than subtle hints…)  And since I have several people to send graduation cards to this year, I needed a way to stream-line the process.  This is where the MISTI comes in handy!  First, let me just explain what the MISTI is.  It’s an acronym for Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented and I’m sorry, but I’m going to come right out and call LAME name!  But see, after they put so much effort into designing a truly incredible stamp tool, there was nothing left for coming up with a more intelligent name.  So MISTI it is.  Never mind.  Once you use it, you will forgive them ANYthing.  How it works, is like a book.  It has a front cover or door on one side, and on the opposite side is a foam pad, some super duper magnets and and some graph paper.  You stick your stamp(s) to the inside of the door, ink it up and stamp your paper that’s being held in place, immoveable, by the magnets.  And if your inking isn’t perfect, well tada, just ink it up again, and close the door again IN EXACTLY THE SAME SPOT!!  (Sorry, I yell when I get excited about something).  And if you need to make 10 cards exactly the same, well the MISTI is your best friend!  Youtube some MISTI videos and you’ll get a much better idea than I’ve been able to describe.  But the best news of all….Lori just listed the MISTI and accessories in the store!!  Now it can be your birthday too!!


Anyway, my grad cards.  I went through all my stamps.  I had tons that say all those nice congratulatory sentiments, but none with images like mortar boards or diplomas. Or panda bears in cap and gown.  How do I not have any stamps of graduating pandas??!


I should point out here, that this was my first time using the MISTI and I actually did one thing wrong.  I should have arranged the stamps in the bottom right corner of the door so that I could just lay my card stock neatly up against the ruler edges for perfect arrangement.  I got around that by penciling a line around the first card, and using that as a guide for the subsequent cards.  But really, there is a better way.  Next time.


I decided to combine a bunch of those sentiments to fill in a whole card front.  And I would stamp them on black card stock, heat emboss with white powder and then rub on some Stazon Opaque White ink for… guessed it…..a chalkboard full of congratulatory greetings!


After stamping and heat embossing all of the cards, I used a Tim Holtz ink dauber with the Stazon Opaque White Ink, rubbing it around each of the sentiments to look like a messy chalkboard does after long use.


Sorry, this has gotten long.  To quickly finish…I glued the black card stock to folded cards then die cut a variety of different sizes of red hearts.  I glued them in place, then either covered them fully, or “scribbled” a design on each heart with red Stickles.


Pretty simple in the end, but when you are making a bunch of the same card, quick and easy is the way to go!  And if you don’t have any graduates in your life this year, think how cute this card design would be, if you used a variety of “thank yous” and gave it to a teacher for a job well done!  I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration today and I really hope you’ll give the MISTI a try!!

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