Finding the Glitter

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

First things first, I hope you all enjoyed Norine’s packaging as much as I did. Sooo much inspiration! Today I have something quite different though, and rather abstract. This week my crafting became intense art therapy. I picked up a bunch of mixed media supplies from Love is in the Details and couldn’t wait to get started. I began creating some texture on a canvas with texture paste and Tim Holtz’ “hickory smoke” distress ink.


Unfortunately I didn’t take any step by step photos, but will make sure to do that for Sunday! I didn’t plan too much for this piece, but rather let my hand swirl the texture paste and distress ink in a soul soothing way. This last week we had a death in my husband’s extended family (and the extended family is very close) so the news hit hard. Death never asks when the time is right and we got to feel how immensely people’s lives get disrupted, especially around Christmas (sending love to all of you who have and are experiencing this!). Sitting down, mixing, swirling product, and  sprinkling glitter and mica flakes has been extremely therapeutic.


I ended up adding more black after we heard the news of our cousins death (the family had lost their 16 year old son, less than two years earlier, and now their second, and last son passed away at 15), but still added more glitter and flakes. I don’t have the entire ‘interpretation’ of the final piece, but came to the conclusion that perhaps this is what our hearts may look like, opened up.


The black may be fear, confusion, anger or even despair. But amongst the black, if we look hard enough, we will find glimmers of hope—glitter and pearly mica flakes. We’ve spend a lot of time with family the last several days and to see this family grow closer and closer, cousins are more like siblings, the words ‘in-law’ don’t exist, and instead, everyone becomes like immediate family. If you knew this family, you would understand how brilliant those sparkles shine in the midst of utter despair. This family is far from perfect…families are torn apart, children pass before parents, all the ugly stuff you can imagine, and yet they always pull together. On our way home from the Christmas gathering yesterday, I mentioned how insanely close this family is, and the response I got was that we are this close because of everything we have been through together (most of which has happened in less than two years).


The darker the ink splotches, the brighter the glitter.

To all those who have suffered a loss this Christmas, my heart goes out to you. I hope that in this dark and utterly confusing season, that you may find even the slightest glimmer of hope. May peace and love fill all of your homes!

Thanks for letting me share a more personal side of a project. I’ll make sure to have photos of the products I used and more step by step photos next time.

Lots of love,


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DIY Abstract Watercolour Art


Large, textured art pieces can make a huge statement as part of your home decor, but not everyone is able to collect original art. For those of you who don’t have the resources or inclination to become  art collectors, I have something a bit artsy to share with you today. Yes, artsy. Don’t run away screaming.

I know some people are a little bit intimidated as soon as they hear the words: “artsy”, “mixed media”, or “abstract”.

Chill out.

I’ve felt a little bit intimidated by mixed media before as well…but you learn by doing, right? I know it can be hard to know which product is used for what and how to use it, but that’s why we have classes/teaching sessions/knowledgeable staff to help you.

For my first project I used this palette as my inspiration:


I love the bright Spring colours with the addition of the gold. I love these colours and they coordinate with my home decor so I just went with ‘em.

mixed media prima watercolor canvas brooke gorrell for love is in the details

I used an 8×10 Prima watercolor canvas as my base. Using texture paste, a stencil. my palette knife, and gesso I was able to create texture with varying depths. Once it all dried I applied Prima Watercolor Confections paints in large, free brushstrokes.

mixed media prima watercolor canvas brooke gorrell for love is in the details

I loved that pop of gold in the colour palette so decided to use my neglected gold alcohol ink to get a vibrant, shiny metallic.

I’ve been learning lately that sometimes you just have to let go and CREATE. Get messy and try new stuff. Think outside of your box.

Once I made this one I knew I had to do it again. The only differences between the canvas above and the canvas below are the addition of modeling paste & this colour palette:


I love that this project uses a textured, simple base and then you can choose whatever colours match your style.

mixed media prima watercolor canvas brooke gorrell for love is in the details

This canvas is 11×14…perfect size to hang on the wall or prop on a shelf.

mixed media prima watercolor canvas brooke gorrell for love is in the details

A close-up of the different textures. I tried to keep it organic…trying not to worry about visible brushstrokes or mistakes. The layering process is very forgiving.

I used watercolours to build up the colour depth before adding the gold alcohol ink.

mixed media prima watercolor canvas brooke gorrell for love is in the details

It looks complicated but in reality it was easy to do. You just have to let loose and get creative.

One little addition I snuck in is a few Prima paper flowers (can you see one in the bottom right??). I stuck them into the modeling paste before coating the whole thing in gesso as preparation for watercolour painting.

mixed media prima watercolor canvas brooke gorrell for love is in the details

I know a project like this can seem daunting but it is completely doable. A few basic products and a little bit of creativity are all you need. You can add a little bit or a whole lot of texture and use any colours you like. Totally up to you.

Interested in taking a mixed media class? Let us know!

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