Some of you would know that my dad passed away recently.  He was elderly and unwell and although its an adjustment for all of us to contemplate a world he’s no longer a part of, his passing was not unexpected and because of the way he lived, we are comforted and assured that all is well.  I hope this is not too morbid a topic for today’s post, but I wanted to show you some of the lovely touches that were part of his funeral, as we tried to infuse the day with as much of his personality as we could. (I have so many words that are trying to squeeze out, in an effort to express our appreciation of his quiet, faithful life, but this is neither the time nor place.)

We set up a table at the front door of the luncheon hall where our friends and relatives could see and touch and smile to remember some of the artifacts of his life.  Included in this were some of the tools of his mechanic’s life and trade, his battered old lunch box and thermos, cufflinks from a very long ago era, just a very FEW of the great gobs of keys he carried around (I doubt even he knew what most of them unlocked) and of course his loved and worn Bible.  And photos.  LOTS of photos.  He wouldn’t have a scrapbooker for a daughter and not be represented in photo-form.


Then on each table we adorned with 1 of 2 kinds of photo candle votives.  Of course Pinterest was the inspiration and the Dollar Store was the source!  For the tall votives, we printed a photo onto white vellum and wrapped it around the outside of the glass.  The 8.5×11 size was a perfect fit for a horizontal photo.


I wish I’d had the presence of mind to snap a photo of them while lit, because the candle makes the photo glow and it’s beyond lovely!!

The other style of table decor was a shorter, fatter candle votive (approx 5″ tall).  Mr B came to my rescue and went out and cut me some branches of varying heights that fit into the jar around the candle.  I printed an assortment of black and white photos from the 50’s and 60’s and tucked two each into the jar between the branches and the glass.


And in the end, these candle votives made a sweet way to say “thank you for coming” to several close friends and extended family, as we invited them to choose one to take home with them.



Once again I’m reminded how little effort it actually takes to make something even more beautiful and memorable than it might ordinarily have been.


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This post was written by Norine on April 22, 2015

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