CHA 2015 Inspiration!

The winter CHA show has come and gone and there are so many new and exciting products coming from the companies!  I always look forward to the sneek peeks, but even more I look forward to seeing the samples all the Designers do using the new products!

Every season there are new or continuing trends, this time around I see lots of metallic and butterflies.  The vintage look is still in but there are lots of vibrant and bright lines out there too!

If you haven’t been to the store Lori is busy posting Pre-orders HERE, and a little birdy told me she’ll be getting some more up soon, so I thought I’d share with you all some samples….

Graphic 45 Home Sweet Home

Just look at this sweet home decor project, perfect for a country kitchen!

This line would be perfect for anyone making a recipe book, either for yourself or as a gift!

This next line is for all the princesses in the world!!  Simple Stories Enchanted!

These are just a couple of the new pre-orders that you’ll see coming up in the store.  If you go look you’ll see that Lori already has some amazing pre-orders on the go already…my favorite of course is all the Tim Holtz stuff!

Here are just a few of the amazing CHA samples showcasing his new products.

This first one I’m posting specifically for Lori….she loves these funny little bird stamps!

Here’s a great sample board from the show…….seeing his stamps in actions is so much better than just seeing the images!

You can pre-order his mid-Feb stamp release HERE.

I can’t wait for all the new products to start arriving, my ideas are already filling my head with excitement to create!!!  Be sure to keep watching the store for new pre-orders & products!

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First timer … Our Lady Trish

Hello there, how’s everyone doing?  The past week at the store has been a week of catching up … and I am very pleased with what we got accomplished.  With the help of a good friend, I got caught up on one thing that I thought would take me the whole week.  It feels so good to get so much done.  On Thursday, I worked on things while Trish from Lasered Edge came in to work on her canvas - her FIRST ever canvas.  This was day two of learning for her, and I am thrilled with what she had learned and accomplished.  When Trish first came to Love is in the Details she didn’t quite *get* us scrapbookers, but over the past few months I have shown her a few things, enticed her a little, and just let her muck in the teaching room a few times.  Low and behold … she’s hooked … she has joined the ranks of *getting it* and has come to understand the addiction.  *grin*


You betcha … that’s her first ever canvas … complete and ready for her husband for Father’s Day.  Trish created some pretty awesome pieces for the growing chipboard category on the shopping page, and she had a lot of fun getting a few of them on her first piece of art.  Let’s take a closer look at some of them.


This gorgeous piece, we call it Jiggins-Coldicott, is my favorite.  Trish covered it with copper Viva Decor ferro.  So fabulous!  On top of Jiggins-Coldicott, is some tiny gears, we call them Bedgberry-Bangs, and she inked these with pinecone ink before gluing them down with glossy accents.


Using a piece of chicken wire she cut from the chicken wire chipboard piece, she added a large typo bulb which is perfect for a canvas.


I had taken my binder full of Tim Holtz stamps to work with me, and when she saw this quote … she said it was perfect.


She used Viva Decor Inka Gold to cover this piece cut with the Tim Holtz mini clock key and pocket watch movers and shapers die.  She stamped over it with a Tim Holtz stamp and covered it with a piece from Prima vintage mechanicals.  This was one of Trish’s favorite parts of the canvas.


This was another one of her favorite parts of the canvas - the other piece cut from the Tim Holtz mini clock key and pocket watch movers and shapers die, and another typo bulb.  She inked the bottom of the typo bulb with pinecone ink before she adhered to the canvas.  Looks awesome!


Another close up of Jiggins-Coldicott and some Bedgberry-Bangs - so very cool.


More of Trish’s new steampunk pieces can be seen on the shopping page right here, and all of Lasered Edge’s pieces can be seen right here.

Bravo Trish!  Your first project is absolutely stunning!  I am so proud of what you have accomplished!  I look forward to seeing many more creative projects from you!

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