Hello Professor!

Happy 2020 everyone!!!

I am happy to be back….my little holiday break ended up longer that I wanted, but it happens to all of us when our creativity just seems to hide away for a while.

With all the new releases that I’ve been seeing finally my creative fire was sparked and I hit the table!

Most specifically I was inspired to pull out The Professor stamp set by Tim Holtz…..his new stamp release includes the professor again but larger.  Seeing this reminded me that I hadn’t put the original professor to use yet!

Often as I’m working I snap a quick photo or two of the projects progress, sometimes I do that to remind my self how I’ve placed objects, sometimes I share with curious friends.  Today I’m going to share a couple with you, I think it really shows just what you can do with random objects, gesso & paint!


In this first photo you can see all the different bits I glued down in the natural form.  I have two bins of metal stuff, some of it is randomness and some is purchased embellishments.  I always start with my focal piece, in this case the Professor (he’s so handsome), deciding where that will be placed then I build around it, filling in the space of the canvas.


Once the glue has set I gesso the entire piece, here I’ve used black gesso, but clear or white can be used too, all depends on the finished look you want.

Next is sometimes the hardest part, what colors to use?  Often I start with one layer and keep adding until I like the results.


The patina/rusty finish just spoke to me, though that wasn’t how it started originally, I started with deep yellow and brass, but it just wasn’t right, so I kept layering.


I have to say that I do love the texture of Finnabair’s Patina and Rust Pastes, the grit is just perfect!


A few splatters of black, deep yellow & gold paints just adds to the overall finished effect.


Adding the little bits to his goggles making them look kinda like bug eyes was the final touch to finish off my Professor!

I really had fun digging through my metal bins finding all these fun bits to work together.  Who would’ve though a spark plug could make such wonderful art?!  It’s hard to believe this little 4×6 canvas could be transformed so quickly.

I hope that you’ve all had a wonderfully creative start to 2020……..a fresh new year of fun creative goodness to explore is ahead of us all!

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Happy New Year 2020!

Wow, I had to come here and see if I could still create a blog post, I kinda miss this part of Love is in the Details.

We started off the Love is in the Details 2020 year late … we went to visit my son Justin, his SO Katherine, and their beautiful twin daughters, Palmer & Tenley. Being a Grandma (although I am known as YaYa) is something you just have to experience before you can fully understand what it’s like. We had the time of our lives, enjoyed every snuggle, and already miss them all.


Now it’s time to get back to work, get back on routine and back in the swing of things for Love is in the Details. I have just done a lot of updating to the website, and I plan to use the website a lot in the future. We have tried to find someone who could help us do what we wanted to change the website to a new format, but sadly, we did not succeed in finding the right fit. So for now, we are going to stick with what we know, and the best part of that is I can do most of the work myself.

For today, I just wanted to drop in and say hi … refresh myself with the blog … and wish everyone a wonderful creative year!

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