Creativity takes Courage

The kids are almost done school and for my oldest it’s the end of high school!  This week is grad week, will be a busy and exciting week at my house!

It also means summer is here, no kids activities so more time for me in my craft space YAY!

We all do our crafts for different reasons, most of us do it primarily for ourselves.   When people outside this community see my work the first question they ask is do I sell my art.  My response is the same each time, NO.  Maybe I could and use the money to support my art but I never wanted this to feel like a job, it’s for me!  I get more joy sharing with all of you, than I could ever from selling my pieces.  Now maybe if I had an offer to buy a piece I would consider it…….but I’m pretty attached to each piece, not sure I could see them go!

The next question they ask is what do I do with all the items I create.   Well some are gifts for special family or friends, the occasional piece makes it way to the store so you can enjoy it while you shop.   I would love to say I have walls and walls covered throughout my house displaying them, sadly I don’t have much usable wall space.  But when we refinished the basement I claimed one wall just for my art!


I purchased some photo shelves from IKEA and use them collage style to display my art.  I have more wall space that can be used up, but I need to get some picture hooks.  I actually had to take a few canvases down for the photo & to make space for the project I’m sharing today!

I wonder if any of you spotted the newest work in my collection?


I have to say that I had a lot of fun with this project and could never imagine parting with it!

I’ve been trying to use some older supplies from my stash, those items I’ve been hoarding for years, along with new items.  These Tim Holtz pulley wheels and this chunky canvas have been waiting to be paired up for so long.  I think they’re much happier now too!


One of the thinks I love most about mixed media is the challenge to combine ‘found objects’ along with my scrapbooking supplies.  Not long ago our stereo died, so I pulled it apart and salvaged a bunch of fun pieces to use, I’ve incorporated some on this canvas.


As you can see while you look at the different pieces I incorporated you will find a number of different embellishments.  That pointing hand for example is a piece of chipboard I found in my stash, but can’t even remember where it came from LOL


There’s a fair bit of fun pieces on this project look around, see how many you can recognize, or even have hoarded in your stash!


The pipe looking pieces are by Prima, and I know Lori had one set left at the store when I was there last weekend.  Who’s going to snatch those up?

If you’re wondering what I used for the base of the light bulbs, they are from an old socket set my husband didn’t need any more.  He shared a jar full of fun bits & bobs with me! :)


This canvas and all it’s pieces have many layers of paint on them.  I always like to start projects like this with everything the same colour, so I painted it all with black gesso.  Then I mixed up a dark green paint to cover the entire project, though it still kinda looked black.

I pulled out my Finnabair Metallique paints in emerald green and deep waters to add some brighter colour.  Then I added a mix of her Red and Brown Rust Paste.  Once those layers were dry I dry brushed the Brass Paste from her Patina pastes.  Love how the bright pop of green looks, and the brass really highlighted all the texture!


So does creativity really take courage?  I think so, it takes courage to start, to share & to let go and try something new.

Have the courage to play & create for no one but yourself, because that’s what really matters!!

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This post was written by Lisa on June 24, 2018

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