Easter Eggs

     Posted by Natalja on March 4, 2018

Some classic easter decor on the blog today!

Any one prepping for decorating eggs soon? Or what are some of your Easter traditions? I couldn’t resist pulling out my Prima watercolours this week to paint some Easter eggs. I wanted to turn them into little “ornaments” and so I poked holes into the top and bottom, blew out the yolks and egg whites and ended up with empty, decorative eggs.


I haven’t painted easter eggs in fooreever and was excited to give them a try again! In Europe, it is very common for people to have Easter “trees.” These typically exist of branches of various sizes and are then decorated with egg “ornaments.” Is this something that people do in North America as well?


Unfortunately, my attempts at getting a string through the egg shell failed me, but hopefully you can still envision an ornament-like decoration.


I went for a more floral and abstract look. Certainly leaving out the black outlines would create a more dreamy look, where as now, the patterns look a bit more..hmmm..animated.


The next two eggs are more of the abstract kind. I’m learning to control my watercoloring a little less, letting the paint do what it does so well as it mixes with different amounts of water and various colours.



And here they are, all together. I currently have the bowl on my windowsill in the kitchen and I have to say these Easter eggs are growing on me. I generally go for neutral colours, but these are too cheery not to like.


Once I figure out how to get string through these egg shells (feel free to leave any tips haha) to hang them up on a “tree,” I’ll make sure to show you a picture!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Norine March 7, 2018 12:04 am

    These are fantastic Natalja!  (I actually like them better than the traditional Ukranian designs!)  I don’t know what kind of string you’re using, but would a long needle with a large eye, say a doll-making needle or a darning needle reach from top to bottom??  I’d love to see your tree when you get them hung!

  2. Kim March 7, 2018 10:48 am

    Great idea painting the eggs a little more fun that just dipping them in one solid colour.  Would love to see your tree when you have it figured out !

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