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I hope this little post finds you well!

Today, I have more of my kitchen journal (as I’ve decided to call it!). Finding a name for this  ”cook book” was not the easiest job, but when I saw Lori name it a “home book” in the instagram post of last Sunday’s blog, I knew that was about right. Sometimes, or perhaps I should say, often, I don’t exactly know where a project will go. As I continued working though, I realized I wanted to incorporate a more interactive approach and figured the word ‘journal’ would be the best descriptive (and uber creative, insert sarcasm) name.


I continued to use Carta Bella’s “Welcome Home” Line, but also included a bit from other lines, as I usually do. The cover still doesn’t feel 100% complete, but the two hearts are stickers/chipboard from Carta Bella, completed it as much as I could think of for now.


I layered the ‘joy’ embellishment with another die cut from the “Welcome Home” package and added a bit of dimension by adhering the two with foam squares.


The little mixed and matched tabs (more will be added eventually!), are, starting from the top: half of a die cut (from Carta Bella), the middle one is a Crate Paper sticker, folded in half, and the last tab is an actual tab, also from the Carta Bella line.


Here’s the first page, as seen in last week’s post. I’ve been thinking of putting a kitchen quote or mini story on the left (the back of the front cover). Any ideas?

Here are the next two pages…


For the second page with a ‘pouch’, I thought it might be the perfect place to collect coupons! Haha, unfortunately I absolutely suck at that…anyone have any tips on couponing? Do you collect coupons or is that not a thing anymore? Since I’m making this journal for someone else, hopefully they’ll find a use for this page, and if not at least it’ll look pretty…maybe.


For the ‘meals’ title page, I kept things simple. I absolutely love the image of the cutting board and wanted the focus to be on it. How pretty is the small branch of greenery tied around the  handle piece?


I used a Thickers letter sticker as a monogram for the word ‘meal’, to add a bit more elegance to the page. Sometimes simplicity does the trick!


Thanks for visiting! Also, feel free to leave some links of your favourite recipes below!! Would love to see what everyone is cooking!


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This post was written by Natalja on February 11, 2018

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