Shine Brightly - Mixed Media Canvas

Hello and happy Sunday!

Lori asked me to share another project here today and I was more than than excited to come here and hopefully give you all some creative inspiration!

Over the summer my husband and I took the kids on the biggest road trip we’ve ever done.  We started in Ottawa watching the oldest win the Ultimate Junior National championship title!

One of our many destinations on the trip was Chicago a city full of history and many works of art were found on our wanderings.  I captured a beautiful photo of my daughter in front of one of the works of art, it was the perfect backdrop!

I had taken the photo with me to the fall crop…..but didn’t have a canvas with me the right size, good thing I had full access to Lori’s store!  I found a Prima Watercolor Panel that was just perfect for the project.  I love the thickness and how light the Panel is!


Because I knew I wasn’t going to use watercolor paints on the Panel I first covered it with a layer of gesso to prime it for the many layers I was bound to add.  I dug into my box of ribbons and lace pulling out some strips of printed canvas, different laces and string adding gorgeous texture to the background.  Another layer of gesso to prime it all up!


In two of the corners I added more texture with some texture paste and a Tim Holtz stencil.  More layers of Blue Fern chipboard, some die cuts and embellishments and it was ready for colour!


I used a mix of tourquoise and grey sprays to go with the backdrop for the photo.  The piece was finished off with some Prima flowers, Tim Holtz Quote Chips and Distress Glitter to add some sparkle!

I love starting with a blank slate and creating…..the process brings me as much joy as the finished product!

I hope this project brings you some inspiration and shows you that you can use anything as a starting point, even if you use it in a way other than it was intended!

Thank you for letting me share another piece of creativity with you today!

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This post was written by Lisa on December 10, 2017

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