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So here we are, at the end of November;  Christmas carols are playing from every speaker you walk by, the trees and lights are going up all over the land, but there is no Christmas themed layout here for you today!  Instead, I thought I’d share a layout from last summer about the wonderful cherries I enjoyed!  Lol, seems logical, yes??


You remember the cherries of summer, right?  Nowadays you can get watermelon and Cutie oranges all year ’round, and believe me, I remember that it wasn’t always that way! But you can only get cherries for a few short weeks in the middle of summer.  So when they’re in season, we indulge.  Why is this worth mentioning?  Well, because for me, scrapbooking is about documenting what I love as well as who I love.  And where I go, and with whom.  Y’know? So this layout today is about the cherries I loved last summer and the lovely wooden swing at the lake where I sat, with a book, ALL ALONE enjoying my cherries.  Maybe you had to be there, but it was a memory I love remembering.

I still try to take a photo everyday, a habit I started back in 2008.  Sometimes it’s of the things I’m doing that day, but quite often it will be a photo of something that I saw and just really loved and felt thankful about.  Taking a photo helps me both remember and feel grateful.  As a result, I have many, many photos of things to document, that aren’t about a trip, or an event, or people in my life, but are still significant to me.



Some other things I’m thankful for is gold Heidi Swapp acetate words, and Kaisercraft ephemera die-cuts (I used a lot of those here!), and puffy stickers by Amy Tangerine, and subtle mixes of patterned papers, also by Kaisercraft.

About that mix of patterned papers.  You see them along the left hand side of the layout?  They are a mix of die cuts and papers from a couple of different Kaisercraft paper lines, as well as a scrap or two from my scrap drawer.  I love patterned paper and would use it all over my layouts if my creative brain would let me.  But it’s usually way too much.  I often find that it’s more effective to patch together, just a few small pieces of the papers that support my creative vision.  Piling them up upon themselves this way, and stitching them to the page gives a visual weight that balances the page and also suggests a playfulness that goes along with photos of bowls of cherries.




Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope I’ve given you a fresh perspective of what’s photo worthy in this day of digital photography, and of what memory keeping can stretch to include.

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Let the Gifting Begin

Merry (almost) Christmas!

Are you as excited about Christmas as I am? Haha..ask anyone at Love is in the Details and I’m pretty sure they ALLLL know how excited this girl is!

7f2652d2-81af-4f32-8c9d-a61073d812a8This week I started working on some homemade bath and body gifts for a few of my friends and picked up some Christmas greens to use for the photos. I love having a reason to go to the florist and walking out with flowers in hand. Do you love the red berries and Christmas greens as much as I do?!


Enough of the greenery and lets get to the gift items though! As I’m sure you may have guessed, the little jar, above (and below) contains a sugar scrub - with some small sprinkles to make the scrub extra Christmasy. Along with the scrub, my little gift package includes bath salt and some whipped coconut butter.


The die cuts I used on each of the containers, are from the Carta Bella’s “Christmas Delivery” line. This pack is seriously worth buying! It’s simple and classic Christmas.

01436492-5186-4063-a380-aaa1748e09afI added a few gold embellishments, washi tape on the jar and sequins on the bath salt packaging, and of course couldn’t leave out my nuvo. As you’ve likely notices, I don’t make a move without my nuvo, they are seriously a must have! I only used the white nuvo on the packages in this post and am just about out. Its definitely something I use often (haha as mentioned above..can you tell its important?). Annnnyways….enough of my nuvo ramble!

I hope you have an amazing week!

Lots of love,


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