I Can’t “Resist” This Watercolour Technique

Since I started teaching Watercolour 101, I’ve been experimenting by trying all kinds of watercolour techniques.

The one I’ve been loving lately is resist painting. I used the Prima Christine Adolph resist pen that is available in the store and I loved how fine the tip was for details.

Watercolour resist, also known as masking fluid, rubber cement, or liquid frisket, is a fluid substance that is either drawn or painted onto the paper prior to watercolour painting. Once the masking fluid is applied, you allow it to dry completely, paint over your design with watercolours, and then peel off the dried masking fluid.


I also used the Prima waterbrushes for painting and blending. LOVE them. Psst…they’re back in stock in the store!img_4215

First, I doodled freehand flowers and leaves on my paper.

Before applying any paint I made sure to let the fluid dry completely. Once the opaque liquid turns transparent and a bit tacky it’s ready to go.


You can see in the picture above the transparent quality of the masking fluid once it’s dry.

Disclaimer: on this first painting I made the mistake of using non-watercolour paper so the edges are frayed and not crisp like they should be.


I wanted to try again with actual watercolour paper to see if I could get that properly crisp resist effect.


I did basically the same design with a few little variations as I was drawing freehand. You could also use this masking fluid through a stencil, trace the outlines of diecuts, or paint with it.


You can see that the watercolour paper made a huge difference in the quality of the resist.

And here is a shot of what we did in Watercolour 101 last week. Watercolour resist on a bit of a smaller scale in order to make card fronts. Oh, and we used the new liquid watercolour paints if you’re wondering why the colours are so vibrant.


If you want to try watercolour resist or even just try your hand at watercolours, all the supplies I’ve used (watercolour paper, liquid watercolours, Prima waterbrushes, Prima Resist Pen) are available in the store.

We also have ONE more Watercolour 101 class left if you’d like to join! May 31st 7pm-8:30. It’s a casual, relaxed atmosphere where you can learn watercolour basics. Call or visit the store to register!

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3D without the funky glasses

Last weekend was our spring event and after watching everyone busy creating, I just had to sit down at my scrappy table and make something.


Every crop I try to bring something a little different in for our cardmakers.  This time it was these gorgeous copper/rose gold (you decide) 3D cards.


I have tried my best to capture the effect of the metallic parts, and hopefully with one of these photos you can see how pretty they are.


This one actually had a stem, but I cut it off by mistake, lol … so I just used it this way.  It’s still works!


I used thin foam squares to pop the pieces.  Each flower has a minimum of three layers, some have four.


There is three flowers to each set, you punch them out of the heavy cardstock, and then layer them.


They are pretty easy to make, but as you see, they turn into beautiful cards.

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