Taking time for yourself

It’s important to take care of yourself …

How many times have you heard this?

Next question … How many times have you listened?

Just like you, I have heard this ten thousand times, probably more often than that … and I know it’s true, but I am more than guilty of not listening.

This aging process is not fun, nobody told me it was, but nobody told me what to really expect.  Being a woman is not easy (now I am not saying it’s easy being a man) and sometimes I feel like a crazy person.  This past year has been a tough year of learning for me.  I have learned that I cannot do nearly everything that I used to, and most importantly, that if I don’t take care of myself and take time to do things for myself … it’s not good, and it just turns out making things much harder.

This year I have made a promise to myself that …


With that said, I truly am taking time for myself, and although I still do extra work at home, I am limiting myself and only doing what is absolutely necessary.  I am learning to ask for help, learning to pace myself, and learning that a little relaxation and pampering can go a long way.

I know that each and every one of you deserves some time for yourself, and I know it’s hard … and I didn’t listen for years either, but … please do, please try … it makes a world of difference.

With all of that said, I am going to show you something that I am doing for myself this year … and I can’t even begin to tell you how relaxing it is.


I am back to taking nice long relaxing baths and I am adding this amazing tub soak and a bath bomb to each and every bath.


I had become a shower person, hop in the shower, get ready and go.  It serves the purpose, right?  You get clean, you smell good and you are ready for the day.  But … it’s not taking any time for yourself or giving yourself any relaxing time.


I cannot tell you how awesome it is to hit the tub and to soak and relax.  I have even been taking a great book in with me to enjoy the time more.


What’s better than smelling good, having smooth skin, having something relaxing time and getting a chance to read?  Wow, up until I have started doing this regularly, I can’t even tell you the last time I had a change to soak and read.

These products are all available in our store.  The bath bombs and tub soak are from Lend Me Some Sugar and I made the cards and tags with the Hunkydory Card kit which is also available in the store.


If you want to give a little gift and you do not have time to make any of these packages, cards or tags, we also have them pre-made and available in the store.  If you just need to grab a jar of tub soak and a bath bomb, we are fully stocked.

Remember, it’s very important to …



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Documenting with ephemera…

Remember when…we used to scrapbook ALL the photos on one layout?  And when we saved all the bits and pieces from an event to include on that page?  If you’re a scrapbooker who still does…then my job here is done.

But if you’re like me and you’ve gotten away from the 2-page, memento-laden layouts, then this might be something of a walk down memory lane!  At least the ephemera part.

visit-redRecently we traveled to Utah to visit our youngest son and watch him play hockey in a charity tournament.  Guns vs Hoses.  Because he works in Corrections, he plays with and for the Guns side.  Besides those games, we watched an ECHL game (exciting!!), took a gondola ride up the mountain for lunch, sat and talked and generally caught up.  Cleaning out my purse after returning home, I found several pieces that I knew would help tell the story of our quick weekend trip.


For the purposes of incorporating this ephemera, I fell back on the ever-reliable grid design for the page.  I used my 2″ square punch to cut portions from the hockey ticket and flight boarding pass.  Including them also establishes the dates and times of this event, so I don’t need to worry about adding them elsewhere.  And happily, the gondola pass was close enough in size to fit within the grid too.


I used machine stitching lines to further emphasize the grid design.  I also used some BoBunny Noteworthy die cuts, stickers from Simple Stories Bloom & Grow, wood veneer from Kaisercraft, a Bella Boulevard Illustrated Faith enamel heart and word and phrase stickers from Cosmo Cricket and Authentique.

visit4 Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Check back soon for another blast-from-the-past, featuring double page layouts!!

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Good Things Come In…

small packages.

I definitely didn’t get half of my planned Valentine’s Day projects done (my all time favourite day of the year by the way)… but I did complete one special project and that makes me happy.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of loom weaving a lot lately. Old school, I know. But it’s so trendy right now and I love how “vintagey” and cozy the wall hangings look.

I used various yarns & wool roving to weave with as well as a quirky little bit of pompom ribbon courtesy of vintage American Crafts. I had to use some sort of scrapbook product, right?

So here it is, my first ever woven wall hanging.

I found a bunch of tutorials online and really just taught myself through trial and error. It’s a bit wonky and uneven in some spots but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I can’t wait to try patterns and shapes with different colour schemes. Maybe the triangles/diamonds I am seeing EVERYWHERE right now.

brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team woven wall hanging diy

brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team woven wall hanging diy

I made the weaving with a friend in mind and wanted to gift it to her for Galentine’s Day (not a typo, it’s the day before Valentine’s Day!). I stuck with a fairly neutral colour schemebut added pink because it’s her absolute favourite colour.

Since I was gifting the wall hanging for a special occasion, I knew I wanted the wrapping to be special as well.

I used the GORGEOUS K & Company paper that is available in the store in a bunch of different colours/patterns.

I went with the pink and white floral (she loves pink after all) to wrap the gift box but it was super difficult to choose a colour because they’re all SO pretty.

k & company paper roll gift wrappingI cannot rave about this paper enough. It’s thick with a bit of texture and folds so crisply. And that glide? Ooh the scissors just cut through it like butter.

brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team k and company paper roll gift wrap diy

I used it for gift wrapping but there are so many other options. You could cover the backing of a bookshelf, cover a lampshade, make party banners, or it would be perfect just run through a diecut machine.

brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team k and company paper roll gift wrap diy

I kept the topper fairly minimal…well as minimal as lace and a doily can be. A couple layers of patterned paper with some lace sewn on top is minimal for me!

brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team k and company paper roll gift wrap diy

You can see that I added 3D foam dots for dimension and so that the mini clothespin would lay flat.

Oh and also the slight texture of the paper. I probably sound like a crazy person but this wrapping paper is luxurious.Is that possible? I’m into it.

brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team k and company paper roll gift wrap diy

Now that I’ve raved about 1970’s loom weaving and luxurious wrapping paper…what do you think? Is loom weaving something you would try? Do you sometimes put a bit of extra time into your giftwrapping? Let me know in the comments!

Happy belated Galentine’s day everyone!

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