Paper Flowers - Video Tutorial

Remember a loooooong time ago when I said I would make a tutorial for my rolled paper flowers? The ones I used here:


and here:


Well, I finally made it.


It might be shaky (my camera mount wasn’t attached properly) & long-winded…but it’s here.

Let me just add that while drawing/cutting the spirals out you can make uneven lines. Meaning that instead of having smooth lines they can be wavy all the way around for a different flower style. (This is how I made the flowers for my bouquet - pictured above)


I used the 2 flowers I made to whip up a couple of little gift boxes.


Plain kraft boxes with simple layering. Patterned paper, lace, vellum, and gold leaves.



I believe these teeny boxes are stocked in the store…wouldn’t they make perfect little Valentine treat boxes?

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments!

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This post was written by Brooke on January 29, 2017

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Two Sweet Girls…

These two are my great-neices, and are just a cute as the day is long!!  I’ve been kept well supplied by their grandma, with photos and videos, and I look forward to returning the favor with my own so-to-be-born grandchild!!

sweet6So, I felt both, like doing some watercolor painting and making a layout, and in this project was able to combine each desire.  I returned again to the technique of a couple of weeks ago when I made a sort of stencil to draw and paint my title.  Remember this one?

sweet2I used a Kaisercraft leaf stencil and a Dear Lizzy laser cut paper that I’ve saved for a stencil.  I penciled the lines approximately where I wanted the design placed and then lightly erased them till they were little more than a faint suggestion of outlines.  That makes it possible to paint over the lines without them being really obvious after the paint dries.


For most of the painting, I filled in the shapes with a very wet brush, with lightly colored paint, then dropped in more color while the paint was still wet, and let it move, and blend and finally dry as it wanted too.  In some cases I added a third layer (or wash) of thinned color to tint parts of the leaves and petals.


After the leaves and petals were dry, I used a large brush to liberally spread clean water over all and dropped in small bits of colors for the background.  I used the same tints and shades I’d already painted with, for a more cohesive look.

sweet5After the painted leaves, flowers and drips were dry, I loosely outlined the shapes with a Micron pen and a fine tip Sharpie.  I have to admit to painting the whole page and THEN going and looking for a photo to go with it.  It was luck, not smarts, that I managed to find one that coordinated so nicely!

sweet7Because of the complexity of the background design, I didn’t want to distract from it, or further complicate the overall layout with a lot of embellishments.  A simple double mat for the photo, some coordinating enamel dots, a bit of washi, some puffy flourish stickers for a pop of black and the title, was all I thought it needed.

sweet8Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you’ve seen something to inspire a burst of creativity of your own!

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