One of my most favorite

services that we offer is custom gift wrapping.  Did you know that you can order your gift and ask for it to be wrapped?  When we have it ready, you can pick it up or we will ship it out for you.  Having the extra gift items (Brittles n’More and Lend Me Some Sugar products) in the store this year has been fabulous and we will continue to stock these awesome products for special occasions.  We also will be bringing in a few more unique items for your shopping pleasure.


The days are getting closer, and so far everyone is cheery and happy.  There just doesn’t seem to be the mad rush this year.  Everyone seems a little more relaxed … and it’s awesome to see.  Customers are having more time to visit, more time to look around, more time to just enjoy!


Speaking of enjoying things, I baked Reece’s peanut butter cup tarts and butter tarts yesterday.  With Justin and Katherine coming home I want to be sure to have some of their favorite treats on hand.  While texting with them last evening, I asked what else they wanted for goodies, and it was unanimous (well except for a batch of puppy chow) - no more sweets.  A cheese ball was requested, and I will make extraordinary cheese dip.  With everything else that is planned … you know it, there will always be too much food.


Come January, these jeans of mine better start getting loser instead of tighter … cause I am not very good at singing “I got my tight pants on!”  LOL  Jimmy Fallon would not be so proud.


The rest of the week will be enjoying our customers, meeting new ones and visiting with regulars and finishing our custom orders.  I really wish I could see some of the recipients when they open their gifts.  Some I know are going to be so excited to see that they got that item they have been wishing for, and some are going to be so excited to receive a gift certificate to come shopping after Christmas.  And some are going to love unwrapping their beautiful gifts that we have wrapped up pretty especially for them.


So if you are in need of a little gift, a few more stocking stuffers, some ribbon to wrap with, some embellishments for a few more cards, whatever you need, please do drop in or call so we can help you out.


The Christmas music is on, the shelves are re-stocked, and we are waiting to help you make your shopping as relaxing as possible.


I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying the season,
seriously … we have the BEST customers EVER!

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This post was written by Lori on December 19, 2016

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