A Little Doily’ll Do Ya ~ Edited

Today I was back to work after two snow days, and Wow, did we get a pile of snow.  Welcome winter, it’s here to stay!  But, it was good to get back to work, and get back in the swing of things.


A customer came in today needing 3 simple little gift cards and gift card envelopes and she said she preferred them to be in kraft and white.  She also was going to wait for me to make something as she needed them right away.  I took a quick spin around the store, and this is what I put together … quick and easy … yet they really look great.  A simple doily and voila!  I typed out the recipients’ names for her on white paper and we added those to the front of each of the cards and envelopes, and they were done.  She was using the little cards for Christmas bouquets, and the envelopes for gift cards.  Perfect!

After coming to work this morning and looking at this post, I decided that I really needed to show you what they looked like with the final touches on them.


To show you, instead of personalizing them with names, I simply added a Christmas wish and thank you.



There, even though they are cute just with the doily, I think the added touches finish them off perfectly.

My day ended with a delivery from my favorite UPS driver … this is what he left me and what I get to dig into tomorrow morning.


I just might have some things to show you tomorrow.  ;)


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This post was written by Lori on December 8, 2016

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