Oh Deer

It’s December 1, can you believe it?  Where did the year go?  How can we possibly be getting ready for Christmas?

But, it is December 1, and that means that we start daily blog posting here at Love is in the Details.  A few of you have remembered and wondering if it was going to happen this year, and I am now here this evening to tell you that … yes, you betcha, daily December blogging has now begun.  And now I am happy to bring you a post about a few things that will be at our Christmas Open House this weekend … a few “deer” things to show you.


Deer me … Aren’t these little reindeer boxes just the cutest ever?  Fill them with candy, a little gift, or even a gift certificate, whatever you put in it/them you are sure to have one of the cutest gifts ever!


I showed a different framed deer on Instagram and Facebook … and now I would like to share this one.  It’s hard to get the gold without a glare, but I think you can see that this gold stag looks pretty sharp framed up in black.


And, yes, I am sure you are wondering what the heck this head massager has to do with deer … but I am getting there.  As you know, once in awhile I have to tell a little story … and tonight is your lucky night.  *grin*  Last week I had to take Paul in to Winnipeg for an appointment, and afterwards I dragged took him shopping with me.  Chapters was our first stop, and wow, was there a lot to see.  But, I happened to come across this awesome head massager and I knew I had to buy it.  Oh my goodness, I was so excited, and I showed Paul and said we have to buy this so that you can use this one me.  So … you got it,  … he gets this weird look on his face and says … What the heck do you want me to do with that whipper?  How am I supposed to use that on you?  Hahaha … shaking my head, I tell him it’s a head massager, and it feels amazing.  How on earth he did not know what it was or how it felt is beyond me, but guess what … he knows now.  *wink*

So, now … off the head massager story … and back to the deer …


As we were wondering through the store, I notice this gift bag … and I am thinking … hmmm … this is kinda similar to something I just made … but, still very cute.


And, it’s $5.00.  Okay.


Here is what I had created … available at Love is in the Details … $3.29

Just sayin’

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