More foil….

Sorry folks, I’ma put it right out there, it’s more foil this week.

I’m traveling and this is what I have to share.  I, like you, might be getting ready to move on to something other than foil, maybe, like a good old fashioned layout, but that will be my next post.  Not this one.

These are just some of the cards I posted on Instagram during the Winkler weekend crop, so you may have seen them, or you may not have.  They are all available in the store now as well as the cards themselves, will be posted for samples.

Here are the cards from one of the Christmas sets.  And some ideas of what you can do beyond the basic foiling of them.





Here are some examples made with foiling on watercolor paper.  I think this is my favorite type of card to foil these days!




And this last set is a Birthday Cards variety pack.

You don’t really want to try to watercolor on regular cardstock, (it will ripple and buckle the paper in a most unattractive way) but you can definitely color with pencil crayons or markers like I’ve done here.





Thanks for stopping by again today!  I’d love to hear which type of designs you like best!

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This post was written by Norine on November 9, 2016

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