Guess what!!?

More gold!  AND.  Watercoloring.  My two favorite things in one place!

Ok, Let’s. Foil. All. The. Things.

So I’ve been busy, busy, busy with the brush lettering. Writing quotes and sentiments all over the place.  And making them foil-able for your home decor and card giving purposes.  Seasonal quotes on sheet music, travel, adventure and love quotes on atlas paper - for you to foil and frame or hang on a clipboard - easy to change out with the seasons.  Those come in 8.5″ x 11″.  I’ll have some photos to show you of those items next week when I bring them to Winkler on my next trip.  For today though, I can show you some versions of those items printed on two new mediums!  (I’m kind of excited about this, I hope you are too!)  Now we’re going to have available, card fronts printed on vellum and watercolor paper!  For you to make cards with some extra oomph.  Also with your new Minc!  What?  You don’t have one yet?  What are you waiting for?  Christmas?  Ok, sure, that works.  Make sure it’s at the top your list and let Lori know soon!

Here is an example of what the watercolor paper foils look like.


And the same set printed on vellum…

I love the look of the vellum layered over some pretty patterned paper.  All you need to add is a subtle touch of bling and call it a day!  As I was scripting these quotes I kept thinking of more occasions these would be suitable for…beyond the obvious graduation, bon voyage and wedding cards.  How about new baby, new job, new move cards?


There will also be some sets of card fronts with Christmas sentiments in this brush lettering style.  They’re cool too.

Here are some more done on watercolor papers from a couple different sets.  This first one is foiled with gold.  Mmmm!  And check out the matching gold Nuvo drops!


The thankful card has been foiled with Gunmetal - such a yummy color, and so sophisticated too!  (Looks better IRL).


And now for my new fave - BLACK foil!


And here’s a random one…I just wanted you to know there is also WHITE foil and it looks so stunning on dark cardstock!  Watch for those in the store as well!


Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you find something to love!

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Tu-be or not Tu-be. (And a Planner Class!)

Good morning!

Sorry for that terrible joke in the post title.

Today we’re looking at…you guessed it…tubes.

These ones that are available on the shopping page.


It’s one of those items that is so simple but can be turned into something really cute.

Perfect for wedding favours. Stocking stuffers. Craft storage. Teacher gifts. Valentines.

Epicure, Sunset Gourmet, and Steeped Tea consultants? The tubes are food safe. Put your loose leaf tea, dip mixes, or spices in them and give them away at parties or as booking gifts.

You can fill them with candies, mini hot cocoa kits, loose leaf tea, seasoning salts, buttons, beads, bird seed, bath salts, mini fire-starter kits, etc. etc.

There are sooooo many possibilities for these babies.

I decided to do “The Tube” 3 ways to show you just a few different ways you can use it.

Seasoning salt plastic 7 inch tubes brooke gorrell for love is in the details

These tubes are filled with homemade seasoning salt  (the pink one is Himalayan salt) and decorated using  the Fresh Picked line by Photoplay.

Seasoning salt plastic 7 inch tubes brooke gorrell for love is in the details

I also painted the lids using silver paint to give them a different look. Just make sure to keep the paint only on the outside to keep them food-safe.

The tags are tied on using rustic twine. Quick and simple.


The next tubes are  a little bit “glitzier”. Perfect for wedding favours.

7 inch plastic tubes rock candy craft idea brooke gorrell for love is in the details

These tubes are filled with sticks of rock candy that I bought at Bulk Barn. I am completely in love with the purple one on the right; it looks like amethyst to me.

7 inch plastic tubes rock candy craft idea brooke gorrell for love is in the details

I spent a little bit of extra time on these tags to use texture paste and a text stencil from the store. To add the pink and purple hue I simply added a little bit of paint to the texture paste before spreading it on my stencil.

I added a bit of washi tape, printed tags, twine, and these feather charms to finish them off. Oh, and little chipboard circles on top! I believe they’re from a Simple Stories chipboard pack.


Now my favourite thing. Tea.

7 inch plastic craft tube tea filled craft brooke gorrell for love is in the details

How cute is that tea paper from the Fresh Picked line?? Perfect for this project. I embellished simply on these ones using just twine, a button, and a tag I ran through my typewriter (you could print a whole bunch off on your printer instead to save time!).

7 inch plastic craft tube tea brooke gorrell for love is in the details

I couldn’t resist having a cuppa while taking my pictures! The perfect cup of tea is an art form.

I hope this inspires you to give “The Tube” a try. They’re really easy and make thoughtful little gifts.


Now, for those who have been waiting…or wondering…or been convinced by Lori and I to join the “planner club”,

I’m so excited that my first planner class date has officially been set!

Simple stories carpe diem planner class

The first planner class will be on Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 1pm. Starting in January we are thinking of making it a monthly class.

Simple stories carpe diem planner class

What is a Doc-It journal? How can washi tape be used in a planner? How do you incorporate scrapbooking supplies into a planner?

Just a few of the things to be learned in this planner class.

We will be exploring both the creative and the functional aspects of planning to make your planner USEFUL, yet inspirational.

Simple stories carpe diem planner class

We will be using the new Simple Stories Carpe Diem brand A5 planners but any ringed planner could work.

You’ll stay organized with the help of our “planner community”, learn how to make your planner work for YOU, and make some cool custom stuff for your planner.

Simple stories carpe diem planner class

Simple stories carpe diem planner class

Check the Classes page in the near future for more details on this NEW planner class.

And pick up your planner TODAY. You don’t want to miss this!

carpe diem planner class

Happy Wednesday!

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