Two hobbies in One!

So, I’m a dabbler in the quilting world.  I’ve made two watercolor quilts in my life and both are at the sandwich point. While they wait (going on 15 years) for the topstitching and finishing, they are tidily rolled up and stored in a cupboard in the laundry room.  I would like to be a bonafide quilter.  I can buy fabric like I am.  But I’m afraid to fall into the hobby wholeheartedly because then there would truly be no time for sleep.   Something would have to give and sleep is probably it.  So I pseudo-quilt.  This quilted die that I finally got when I was in Winkler in April makes that possible.  I couldn’t wait to get home and play with it!  I had half a mind (but that’s just my normal state) to use it to do Lori’s 8-Patterned-Paper challenge but then didn’t get it done in time and knew I still had a creative post to make for this week!  But since I was going to be cutting multiple “quilts” just to get the pieces I really needed, and the rest would go to waste, I decided to make several quilts and cards at once!


(Lori has this die up for pre-order in the store, right here - if you would like one, please put your order through so you will be on the list when they arrive.  And the papers come from various random 6×6 paper pads I have.)


Piecing them together was the fun part!  Another thing that was in my pizza box from Winkler from so long ago that I couldn’t remember why I’d asked for it, was some Scrapbook Adhesive Sheets.  Well, didn’t that ever make the job go easier/quicker/simpler.  I just cut a square the same size as the quilt outline and after peeling back one side of the release paper, laid the paper outline on the adhesive sheet and then I could just set the pieces into their openings slick as you please!



I had fun pretending I was an actual quilter.  But a much-faster-than-fabric-one.  And deciding on pattern variations was completely satisfying!  And the nice thing about making cards like this, is they’re already so visually interesting, they don’t need much more!




quiltcard6Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you found something to light your creative spark!

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