National Scrapbooking Day 2015

Hello everyone!  Good Morning!  Happy National Scrapbooking Day!  We are happy to bring you the Love is in the Details crop challenges, right here on your very own computer/ipad/phone/device!!!  Could it be any more convenient?  Besides convenient we hope we can provide you with some inspiration to light your creative fires!

Before we get started, we should go over the rules.  Each challenge is separate and unique and can not be combined.  Each one is specified either card, layout or altering and should be adhered to as such.  You have until Monday night, midnight LIITD-time to submit your challenges either by posting in the gallery on the forum or by uploading to another location (such as Flickr or Facebook) and providing the link in the comments below.  For each challenge, names will be entered into a virtual hat for a random drawing to determine prize winners.  Entering each challenge multiple times will mean your name is entered multiple times!  More chances to win!  Finally each submission must be new and not seen elsewhere for a chance to win!

First up is Jennifer!

Challenge #1 - Jennifer

Hi everyone, Jennifer here.  I have a challenge for you to make a tag for Mother’s day that incorporates the use of feathers. They can be real, paper or whatever your imagination can think up. Here’s mine…

This can very easily be converted into a card.  I have a prize for someone who creates a Mother’s day tag or card that has feathers of some sort on it.  The prize I have is a package of flowers that I used and some of the hand dyed ribbon that I also used on this tag.


Challenge #2 - Jennifer

For my next challenge, I want you to dig into your summer photos.  I want you to find a summer photo of people having fun. I scrapped my daughter and son in law at the cottage. (you can’t get “having fun” more than this!)  I want you to incorporate hexagon shapes into your layout somehow.  I used it in the patterned paper and the gesso and stencils.  As a final requirement, I want you to use the colours turquoise, red and yellow.

Your prize if you create a layout with all the elements is a change to win this eclectic mix of supplies just ready to be altered and used on your projects


Next up is Norine!

Challenge #3

Happy En Ess Dee day everyone!  My first challenge for you is a layout.  I’m giving you a list of 10 elements for you to include on a layout of your own.  You must use at least three, but you CAN use all 10 as I have done!  For every additional element beyond three initial required elements of your choice, your name will be entered again in the draw.  For example, if you use all 10 elements your name will be entered in the draw 8 times.  1 for the 1st three elements and 1 time each for every additional element.  (And if you actually understood that you should go apply for Mensa status.)

This is the list for you to use:

1) A grid or row  2) Kraft or naked chipboard  3) Tearing  4) Die cut(s)  5) Rub-ons  6) Stars  7) Ink splats (using whatever medium you like)  8) Layering  9) NO card stock  10) Word or phrase stickers.

Here is my layout.


And the winner of this challenge will receive this prize from me!



Challenge #4

Next, I have a card challenge for you.  Here is where you will need the vellum I mentioned on the forum last week.  For this challenge you need to pull out your punches or dies, or failing that, some ready made die cuts from your stash, and use them to cover the front of a card.  Then layer your vellum overtop it all and add a sentiment and additional embellishments as you wish.  You’ll be surprised how the vellum turns a mash-up of die cuts into a very lovely background for your card!  (And whoever you have in your life who you wouldn’t want knowing how much you’ve spent on punches and dies, will be mollified.)

Here are a couple of cards I made to show you what can be done.



And if you’re thinking “HEY, I recognize those sentiments!!” you’d be right!  They are last year’s Lasered Edge product that I need to use up!

You might also be wondering what’s the best way to stick down vellum without it showing?  The answer (and there is more than one right answer to this question, but here is MY answer) is whatever you like!  The trick is to layer something overtop your adhesive so it won’t show.  Because most adhesives WILL show through vellum.  So I have glue dots and such hiding being all the sequins, paper strips and sentiments.  On the rest of the card, the vellum is unattached and gives you that lovely frosty/faded look.

Here is the prize for my card challenge.



Challenge #5

And one more challenge from me.  To alter something.  This challenge is pretty wide open.  You can build, create, repurpose anything you like.  I chose to take an old globe and make it into a decor piece.  I spray painted the ball of the globe black, and then painted on the sentiment.  Another way to accomplish this is by layering alphabet stickers onto a plain original globe, spelling out what you want to say, (and gluing down the alphabet edges well), then spraying the globe and peeling the stickers off after the paint dries to reveal your sentiment spelled out in a “world” design.  (Click here for many more very cool globe ideas!  Or THIS ONE for another fun idea!!)


The sentiment says “Meet me at the edge of the Sea.”  I made this for my daughter and that’s what she asked for.  *shrug*



And here is the prize for the altering challenge.


And last but not least, we have a challenge from our fearless leader, Lori!


Challenge #6

Hello everyone, and happy National Scrapbooking Day!  My first challenge for you today is to create a card and layer it up.  I want to see how creative you can be with dimension.  I know that if you are mailing cards, the extra thickness can sometimes add to the cost of sending it … but it is possible to add some dimension without it affecting the price at all.  Layer it up, mat it, use your foam squares, layer some different embellies … have fun with the challenge.


My price for this challenge is …



Challenge #7

My next challenge is for you is pretty wide open … you can make a card, a layout, or alter something … but … your finished product must include eight (yes, 8) different patterned papers.  For me, this challenge was pretty easy … quick and easy with this frame I picked up at Ikea … but I cannot wait to see what all of you will create!


My price for this challenge is …


Thanks for joining us today!  We know you have options in the Wide World of Paper Crafting, so we’re grateful you chose to play with us today!

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