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This week we had the sweetest gal come in the store and she was looking for a birthday banner.  I have a banner hanging on the wall in the store, and she said she wanted one similar to it.  At first I thought she wanted to make it herself, but as I was helping her pick out papers, I realized that she wanted us to make it for her.  I was very pleased that she had the confidence in us, especially when this was for her son’s first birthday party … and she wanted to keep it and hang it in on his bedroom wall.


She told us that he had received a little vintage airplane as a gift, so she wanted the banner to focus around traveling, vintage airplanes and colors for a little boy.  If possible, she wanted a few vintage airplanes to put up on the wall for added decoration.


Now I had no vintage airplanes in the store at all, so I called on my good friend Barb to ask her if she could help me out and cut me a few with her silhouette.  I gave her some different papers and off she went that day returning with these vintage planes the next day.  Aren’t they awesome!!!


I made a pattern for the banner pendant, cut the chipboard backings and patterned paper and handed those pieces over to Chantel.  I had a few appointments that day, so Verena, another good friend, came in to help wherever she could.  I must say that we all had a lot of fun giving input for the final result.


Verena had a brilliant idea to put propellers on the planes, but low and behold, shortly after she thought of that idea, she also had to run off … so it was very fortunate for us that Anne, another great friend, was there and quickly jumped in to find a propeller that would work.


A total group project … I love how it turned out … but I must say … the very best part was texting a few pictures of the final banner to the Mom to tell her it was ready to be picked up.  Her reply made it all so worthwhile …

Ooooo WOW …. I am amazed.  You have done an awesome job.  Thank you so much.  I love it.

It’s days like this that make me realize how blessed I am to be doing the job I do.

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Remember Willi

Do you remember when I highlighted Willi on the blog last summer?

Today I am excited to show you her website … My Treasured Arts … so full of beautiful artwork … she is such a wonderfully talented lady.  Please hover over each piece to show the medium she has used on that particular piece, and please click the show more link at the bottom as you scroll through.  I know you will be so inspired by her incredible work.

Here is a few of my favorites …

castle-in-the-forestCaste in the Forest - Spray Paint on Canvas

blue-eyesBlue Eyes - Ink on Tile

remember-the-momentsRemember the Moments - Ink on Tile

We have been fortunate to have Willi teach for us … and she will be teaching again on Saturday, March 28th.  Those that have been taught by her tell me how much they love her teaching, she is so patient and kind.  Everyone who has been taught by her has requested to be in all of her classes.

In the morning, she will be teaching her Alcohol Ink 101 class.  This class is full of alcohol ink techniques … many of which I cannot show you in a photo.  This class is a prerequisite for her Alcohol Ink 202 class in the afternoon.


In the afternoon, she will be teaching Alcohol Ink 202 - how to combine alcohol ink art with stamping and ferro.  This class if also full of teaching and techniques I cannot show in a photo.


All class information can be found right here.

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