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Happy New Year everyone!

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This post was written by Lori on December 31, 2014

Photo Garlands

Hi everyone, happy Sunday!!  I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the beginning of a New Year!

I’ve had fun doing some crafting lately!  (That’s what you get for cruising Pinterest late at night!)  You become imbued with a slightly fantastical sense of being able to do ANYthing at all, without any realistic appreciation for what is actually entailed.  This was like that.  In fact, my original idea involved FELTING the wool balls myself!!  I made exactly ONE.  No, not garland.  BALL!  (I will make more eventually, because I really want to do this myself.  And because I have all the supplies already sitting here in a bag that may or may not have been flung into a corner at some point.  But that will happen when there are no deadlines or other time pressures!)


Plan B?  (Thank you Etsy!)  Fortunately, there are people ALL OVER the WORLD who are prepared for people like me.  People who started planning and executing WAY long time ago and have lots of pretty colored felted balls to sell me for a bargain price compared with my sanity.  And the loss thereof.  I narrowed my search to local sellers who could guarantee me quick delivery, and set about collecting the other bits and pieces needed.



I printed a couple photos for each garland, direct from my phone to my Fujifilm Instax printer,that were related to each recipient.  I bought some tiny minuscule clothespins in fun colors, and then pulled out various tags, die-cuts and other scrappy cast-offs, that I thought would make a fun and eclectic mix of ephemera.  Once the balls arrived, I strung them up, pinned all the things randomly onto the garland, et voila!  3 cute, fun, felted ball garlands for my girls!  I left some clips empty, so that they can pin up stuff they would like to add as well.







And finally, time to wrap them up and put them in the mail!  This seemed to be the best way to keep it from getting tangled enroute.


Did you hand make any of your gifts this year?  I’d love to see/hear about them!  Also, click on the highlighted words for links to ideas, instructions and fun shopping!  You’re welcome for the trek down some deep rabbit holes!

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