Happy Birthday Card Using Stencils

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Today, I’m just doing a simple card.  But I wanted to show a quick and easy way on how to work with a stencil.  I had a spray in a light pink color that I love and haven’t had a chance to really play with it yet.  When you’re using a mister with a stencil, it’s not always going to be perfect.  I’m all about vintage and distressing, so I didn’t want it to be precise.  The spray and the cotton candy color would make it look more vintage.  Now that I had a plan,  I grabbed my supplies and got started.

Here’s the stencil that I used..


This is the spray that I used…


I chose a white cardstock for the card base.  I placed the stencil in the bottom, left hand corner of the card.  Then I grabbed the mist and gave it some quick spritzes over the stencil.  Like this…


I spritzed the stencil until all the butterflies were covered in paint.  Using the mist, I let it go beyond the stencil so it was also spraying parts of the card.  Remember, I wanted vintage so it’s not to be crisp and clean.  It ended up looking like this…


As you can see, it’s smudged in spots.  Just what I wanted.  If you want it more clean, then make sure the stencil is placed flat against your paper and doesn’t move.  After spritzing, let it dry a bit before you move the stencil, so it won’t smudge as you’re lifting it off.  You’ll see the image is more precise then.

Next I used these Lasered Edge watercolor words found here and added some pink with my Tim Holtz markers, then adhered it to the front of the card.  I tore a strip of patterned paper and inked the edges and glued it down to the right hand side of the card.  I, then picked out a couple of vintage looking flowers and added a feather, distressed the edges of the card and this is the final product.


The bit of smudging from the stencil goes well with the torn page of the patterned paper, so it ties in nicely.  I hope you enjoy this post and if you’re new to using stencils that this helps a bit and reassures you that it always doesn’t have to be clean and crisp.  Don’t be afraid to play with it a few times to get the hang of it.  Have fun!!

Thanks for looking and happy creating!

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