Painting techniques and hexagons….

Sounds like a perfectly fitting blog post title for a paper crafting site, right?  I thought so too.

Only, there’s very little paper crafting going on these days.  I had high hopes though.  I visited the Love is in the Details store in Winkler last Thursday, had a lovely visit with Lori and Chantel, came away with any number of creativity inspiring supplies….but nope.

It’s not that there’s any lack of creativity, it’s that life is getting in the way.  There has been no opportune time or decent space to pull out the scrappy supplies and play.  So I thought I’d show you what I’ve been doing instead!

A huge part of our summer has been focused on finishing the cottage reno-rebuild we began 3 years ago!  We were naive though, to think we’d find any experienced trades to help in the middle of a Manitoba summer, so we’ve had to resort to doing it ourselves.  Which is rewarding.  But also VERY time consuming.  My thing has been the painting.  I have had a certain look in mind as long as we’ve been planning the new and improved version.  Cottage 2.0 you might say.  Even though we are located in northern Canadian Shield country, the look we’re going for is a little more Nantucket meets Shabby Chic.  I wanted the interior walls to look like we’d whitewashed over grey barn board.  Even though we’re using new wood.


So, to mimic that look, I painted a coat of dark grey stain on the boards, let it dry and then painted another coat of thinned white paint, letting the grey stain show through.

hexpost11 It’s surprisingly fast and easy and looks exACTly the way I wanted!  (I can’t wait to show you the photos of the FINISHED project!  I can’t wait to see them myself!)

The other part of my summer has revolved around my parents.  My dad had a fall recently and ended up in the hospital.  It is what has precipitated the assessment that his care needs are beyond what my mom can provide and he needs long term nursing home care.  All that to say, that I’ve been spending MANY hours sitting with them both in his hospital room.  A perfect place and time to work on another project.

If you know anything about me, you might know I have a thing for hexagons.  And that I’ve learned to crochet in the last year or two.  So my current crochet project is making thousands and thousands of hexagon granny “squares”.  Ok, maybe not quite that many, but it seems that way.



I still have some more pastel-ly colored combos to add to these, but eventually they will all be randomly joined together with a cream colored border between each square.  And there will be a party.  With cake and streamers to celebrate.  And hopefully I won’t yet be on any list for nursing home placements myself!

But ok.  You came here for some paper crafting inspiration.  I did make a card last week for another DT assignment, and I used some Lasered Edge watercolor paper die cuts.  As well as a few feather die cuts that I scooped up from the pile on my table at home and brought along on my travels just because they were so pretty and I hadn’t used them for anything for too long.  I thought I’d share it with you!  And of course it wouldn’t be a card of mine, if it didn’t have a bit of water color on it too.



Yeah, so a bit of a mishmash here today, but hopefully you found it worth your stop!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Oh the places you’ll go

This title is from my favorite Dr. Seuss book. It is loved by all of the kids that I know and when I saw that Lori had it in the store, made by Lasered Edge, I just had to have it to create a layout!  I had a few great pictures of my son to use and I think that the hardest job was deciding which one was the right one to use.  Once I did, the next job was picking out the paper and the embellishments.  I wanted to keep my page simple so it would highlight the quote and the picture.  I didn’t want to take away from the Dr. Seuss quote as it means a lot to me.

First I gathered my supplies…


I chose to paint the quote using a Tim Holtz distress paint in Antique Linen.  It’s very easy to use one of these, just give the bottle a little squeeze and press the dabber down on the piece you want painted and “dab”.  Don’t worry, you can’t make a mistake.  Scrapbooking is art… YOUR art.  It’s not supposed to be perfect!


I used a couple of coats to make sure the chipboard was completely covered in a nice, milky white.  While it was drying, I moved on to the other chipboard pieces by Lasered Edge.  First, I did the chipboard doilies, found here.  I did the one using a light blue chalk edger and the other using the Tim Holtz distress ink pad in aged mahogany.  Just swiped the ink pad over the pieces.  Next, I did the chipboard arrow hearts, found here.  I used the mahogany for the hearts and the blue chalk for the arrow.

I had chose a smoky blue cardstock as the background for the layout.  I found a piece of striped paper in my stash and cut it into a banner shape.  Next, I cut a piece of cardboard.  Then I placed everything and adhered it using dots.   This is the final take.


I usually distress, stack embellishments and flowers… but this time, I kept it simple to keep the main focus on the picture and the quote.  I’ve learned that sometimes “simple” is all you need on a layout.  Thanks for looking and happy creating!

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