Time for a sketch ~~ Chelsea

Happy Wednesday everyone, Chelsea here, and I want to ask you ….. how long has it been since you made cards? How long has it been since you tackled a sketch? How long has it been since you did a CARD SKETCH?! For me, it’s been…. well…. quite a while.

It’s been crazy busy here with school back in session, me working every day, and trying to keep up with everything and attempting to establish somewhat of a routine. A sketch is almost like following a routine, although it’s a new routine every time you sit at the table, with a different sketch. But the idea is still the same. Step by step, building from the bottom up, until you have reached your goal for the day, or for the card or layout that you are working on. I’m still sorting through my sketch for our daily routine, but here is the sketch I did for a card….


Throw on whatever embellishments you want, depending on the style of card you want to make. You can make it girly, or boyish…. or unisex!! I made mine pink and girly.


How about we all try to make ONE card in the next week? Use the sketch, or design one of your own!! Then pass it on to someone who will appreciate it.

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This post was written by Lori on September 12, 2012

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