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Hi everyone, Chelsea here!!  I decided to get a head start on a little school project for my home.  I have had this clipboard FOREVER and a day. Seriously it’s one of the first alter-able items I had, and NEVER did anything with. Until now.


I used Basic Grey’s ‘What’s Up’ line, and made this plain old beat up clipboard into something fresh and fun! I am always trying to find room on the fridge to stick notes from the school, so I figured this would be a much more organized way to hang them up so that they don’t get lost!

I used ‘blue skies’ and ‘first flight’ papers, some of the stickers, and a couple of the flags all from the same line…. and added an old ribbon that was hanging around in my drawer. My favorite Jillibean Soup corrugated alphas top it off.



I love the look of this hanging up on the wall, and so happy that I have finished this and will be organized for the beginning of the school year!

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This post was written by Lori on July 31, 2012

Creative Sunday ~~ Norine

Hi guys, Norine here today with a Smash* book to show all y’alls!! Be prepared for a FEW photos, as there are 70 finished pages in this book and I’ve included over 200 photos!! Wow, right? It’s been a labor of love right from the beginning when I “prepped” the book before stuffing it into my backpack for 2 weeks in Italy last May. I went through the book and divided it up according to the number of days we would be traveling, then day and date stamped every 2nd to 4th page. I added pockets through out, travel related stamps, quotes and embellishments (as flat as possible) with the intent that I would journal everyday, and using the handy 2-in-1 pen/glue stick, add the bits of travel ephemera I collected along the way and simply slap in some photos back at home. (Turns out I couldn’t actually let it be once I got home, so some pages have a bit more done to them than originally intended. Whoops.)

Lets take a look:
I didn’t do much to dress up the front of the book, just outlined the dimensional embossed design and added some washi tape. I may go back and add more later…?

(to view larger pictures ….. right click on image and then click view image)



Inside there are pockets and envelopes everywhere, containing either authentic travel ephemera or tags with quotes and/or journaling on them.



(Now, it’s gonna bug me that the pages aren’t posted in order, but since you weren’t there and don’t know the order of the book, I’m just telling myself to get over it!)


I found some pages in the book to have quite busy papers. Sometimes they worked…like this one; when they didn’t I covered it up with other stuff. I like using the glassine envelopes for the transparent layers-upon-layers quality they give.




Photos are tucked everywhere, even inside dinner check folders.


Here’s the first of the pages that I altered later, covering up some of the book’s designs. In this case I just wanted to play…the background paper didn’t take away too much from the photos. Traveling around this country there was such a feeling of history and antiquity everywhere you looked, and I wanted to enhance that somehow for these photos. I adhered some crumpled 7Gypsies tissue paper and then applied Gesso over top to create a more uniform background.




In a couple of cases where I had more photos that a page could hold, and still look interesting, I just tucked some extras into a little Smash* envelope like the one in the upper right corner.



Here again, the little kraft bag holds extra photos.


But I didn’t always put photos in the envelopes. In this case I’ve stashed a “few” of the many gelato spoons I collected during the two weeks!




Again, I’ve covered the original paper on the right hand side. I wanted to document the horrific events of last November, 2011 when a freak storm unleashed more than 100 mudslides over one of the towns of Cinque Terre. The story didn’t suit a “pretty” page so I created a rougher look for that page.



This page was a lot of fun. I had a transparency frame that begged to be used, and I cut the inside opening out of the paper to allow the page behind to show through. The papers complimented each other so nicely and the little “This is my Bliss” banner is another transparency adhered on the back page.






Here I’ve again covered the paper using more Gesso, paint and tissue paper on the left, and just paint and Gesso on the right. (This artist technique may just have to be explored a little further in future!)

The page on the left is another example of what paint and Gesso can accomplish. For photos of the ancient Colosseum a more antique page look was required. The “adventure” is stamped on with a (very old) foam stamp and paint.



The back pages of the book house pockets that contain any other/larger items that I wanted to include but didn’t have room for throughout the book.


Lori carries a great selection of Smash* items that you can check out in the store. Here are a few of the items I used in my book.

smash-stickies smash-pad-top-10 smash-stick smash-tabs-fabric smash-tabs-paper smash-tape-calendar

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This post was written by Lori on July 29, 2012

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