Creative Sunday ~~ An important story documented

Quoting Chelsea ~~ “This mini album was the main reason I fell in love with this line. The stickers and embellishments spoke to me, and made me think about our past year and how I wanted to document this time in a mini album, and Everyday Moments was the perfect line for it.

Some people might question why I needed to do this, why would I want to remind myself? Well, it happened. I can’t pretend it didn’t, nor do I want to. It was quite possibly the biggest event in my life next to the births of my children. I want to be able to pull out this album when Brayden is older and say ‘Look how strong you were, little man… look what you went through and you did it smiling and laughing.’ If he has to have another surgery, he will be better prepared for it through these pictures, and sometimes the reminder of what made us stronger is a good thing.

I apologize to anyone who might get squeamish around some of the pictures. Nothing graphic, but they sure do pull at your heart strings…”

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This post was written by Lori on March 11, 2012

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