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Before Christmas, friends of ours asked me to create a wedding album for their daughter Amber and her new hubby, Danny.  I was given a CD with 676 pictures, and asked to choose what I thought would be the best pictures for this album.  After many hours of looking at, choosing, re-choosing, cropping, uploading, etc., the start of a wedding album began.  The colors ….. lime green and purple ….. I was a bit intimidated, and I had no idea what I was going to find.  After a few searches, I found Bo Bunny’s Peacock Lane, and knew that it would be perfect.

Now that the bride and groom have been given their gift, I would like to show you.  All of the wedding photos were taken by Sterling Images (and please note, any flashes on the photos are from me taking pictures of my layouts).

You can click on any layout to make it larger.

Love their invitation.  I used Bazzill Raven for all of my background pages.

Because of the number of pages in the album, I had to be careful how many thick embellishments I used on the pages.  I was able to use a few Prima flowers.

Beautiful photos, love how this layout worked out with the colored photo in the middle.

My first upload of photos was 130 - 30 of which were 5×7’s.  I laid out all of the photos into what would be double layouts before I started the album.  I had to revamp, redo, rechoose, and then upload another 30 photos - to which most of them were 5×7’s and 8×10’s.

Once the photos for the layouts were figured out, next I had to choose papers and designs.  This was lots of fun, her pictures were gorgeous, and the colors were matching up perfectly.

Amber wanted to have a traditional wedding, to which the groom did not see her till she walked down the aisle.  Unfortunately, it was a rainy day, and when the sun did come out, they decided to take the opportunity and get some photos while they could.  This layout and the next one …… shows Amber sneaking up behind Danny and letting him see her in her wedding dress for the first time.

The center picture shows his first glimpse of her in her gown.

Stunning photos, I love that some are black and white and some are color.

You can totally see how happy they are.

Amber and Danny were married at the lake, where their families camped every year.

The rain that day stopped off and on, but it certainly enhanced the green of the grass and trees.

This one and the next one, two of my favorite layouts.

Stunning!  I believe this old truck that we see in the photos was Amber’s grandparents.

Amber and her Mom.  Amber wanted the perfect necklace to go with her wedding dress.  Danny had previously given her the one she is wearing in these photos - the beautiful heart pendant.  But, before the wedding, Amber had gone shopping and actually purchased two different necklaces to wear.  On her wedding day, she realized that the heart pendant was perfect and she was wearing it.  These pictures were taken at the moment she decided this.  Such special moments, I love these photos.

Amber and her Dad.  Amber’s parents have been friends of ours for years, her Dad’s parents were friends of my parents.  It’s cool to see our kids growing up, quite touching.

My absolute favorite photo of Amber.

I will give credit to Paul for this layout.  I was stuck on what to do, and he chose the chipboard chicken wire, it worked perfectly.

Yes, you got it, she is standing on the muddy road with her wedding dress on.

I could not resist blowing up these photos of their reflection - stunning.

Marriage at the lake, and very cool to see that the same gal, Gaylene, that married Amber and Danny, also married Paul and I.

I love that the photographer got a picture of the families the moment they were officially married.

This photo just had to be it the album - so beautiful.

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

Love all of the details.

Beautiful cake.

Priceless memories.

Amber’s Mom had given me pieces of the material, and I used *glubers* to make the two flowers on this layout.  Love the photos of the bottles of wine behind Amber and Danny’s photo.

Love the combination of colored and black and white photos on the same layout.

Beautiful captured moments.

Stunning photo.

Amber and Danny with Amber’s parents.  Amber and Danny with Amber’s Grandma (her Dad’s Mom) who is holding Amber’s new niece.

Amber and Danny with Danny’s parents.  Amber and Danny with both sets of his Grandparents.

Lots of fun memories made at this wedding.

Another favorite photo of mine.

This photo was perfect for the final photo of the new couple.

I hope that the bride and groom enjoy many hours enjoying these wedding memories.

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