More Mixed Media Love ….. and a sneak peek!

From Nola’s mixed media class, I have two more finished canvases to share.

This gorgeous canvas was created by Bonnie Friesen (aka Cinnabon).

This fabulous canvas was created by Lisa.


More classes are coming to LIITD and these classes will be more consistent after our October crop.  Right now all of our spare time is being spent working on items for this event.  I do however, want to share a little sneak peek of the next upcoming class at LIITD - it’s gorgeous!

Watch for details on the Classes page.

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This post was written by Lori on September 26, 2011

Creative Sunday ~~ Canvas Class

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking Nola’s mixed media canvas class as one of the participants could not make it.  I did a lot of the preparation for the food on Friday evening so that I could participate with everyone.

Before I continue with pictures of this class today, I will explain that this is week 2 of this canvas class.  Last Saturday, we had 14 wonderful gals participate in this class.  Last Saturday, I was busy cooking, and did not get pictures of all of the fabulous canvases that were made last week.  I would love for any of you who took it to please email me a picture of your final canvas.

I took pictures of the different stages of everyone’s canvas today, and thought it would be very cool to show you each participants (with permission of course) canvas.

Donna’s Canvas

It was very cool to see everyone’s different color choices, paper choices and totally different take on their ideas for their canvas.

And that, of course, is why we all love this scrapbooking hobby of ours, there is no right or wrong - each and everyone is an artist, and shines with their own creativity.

We all chatted amongst each other, as Nola instructed, and I do think that I was *in trouble* a couple of times for not listening and talking too much.  (hmm, imagine that?) *grin*

Brenda’s Canvas

During the class, Nola explained the different mediums to use, and with the help of her assistant *Miss Emma* products were handed out to each of us.

We had to think about where we were going to hang this canvas, which would determine what color choices we would make.

I explained that I had a canvas with the flower like one of Nola’s examples, as Nola had made one for me for a gift.

Stacey’s Canvas

I decided to take a little different swing with my canvas - instead of making another one with the flower(s).

It was so much fun walking around the room and looking at everyone’s canvas as they progressed.

I especially loved seeing everyone enjoying themselves, and realizing that they could do this - as some at the start of the class were quite nervous and not so sure.

Jody’s Canvas

The class started at 9:30, and seriously, the time flew by, before we knew it, it was lunch time.

While everyone was eating, I caught up for what I had missed while I was doing the final preps for lunch.

Paul came to help me with the final meal preps, and then after I caught up on my canvas, and ate, he finished cleaning up and doing dishes so I could continue on with the class with everyone.

Jane’s Canvas

That was awesome, as I really was having such a great time creating (and visiting).

I must say that everytime I work with Claudine Hellmuth’s products, I love them even more.

Her paint is like no other acrylic paint I have worked with - as it is not opaque when you paint with it - you can actually see things (example - our dictionary words paper, music paper) through it.

Dawn’s Canvas

I love the fact that she has 15 colors and you can mix and match them to make over 51 colors.  (chart here)

I needed to mix one of my colors to match a color in the papers I was using - and very easily got an exact match.

Two participants let me take their picture with their final canvas, everyone else was a little camera shy.

Anne’s Canvas

Anne was sitting at my table, and yes, you guessed it, we chatted quite a bit.  Anne worked very hard on her canvas, but she also worked very hard organizing before she started.

For those of you who do not know Anne, I will fill you in ….. Anne LOVES to organize.  She is known to spend a lot of time organizing at crops, in fact, sometimes most of her scrappy time is spent organizing.

Today Anne changed her mind several times, reorganized, and promised to email me a picture of her canvas after she finishes it at home.  *smile*

Last Canvas - Me

Steampunk style has been one of my favorites for quite some time and I decided that I wanted to use some gorgeous papers I have been hoarding on my canvas today.

As you may know Lisa loves this steampunk style just as much as me.

Awhile ago, Lisa stole my *steampunk crown* with an amazing canvas she did.

Today, I’m taking my crown back ….. and challenging her to steal it back from me again.  Lisa, are you up for a little challenge ….. game on!!!  *grin*

Thank you Nola and Miss Emma, we all learned a lot, had lots of fun, and had a fantastic day!

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This post was written by Lori on September 25, 2011

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