Halloween Candy Buffet

I have seen these on the internet, and I have previously posted a couple of them here on the blog, and now I had to try one.  And I have to say - it was so much fun - I would definitely make another one.  Here is my attempt at my very first candy buffet.

I covered a cardboard box with Halloween paper and embellished.  The tin pail has two pieces of green foam from flower shop in it - great for poking in the Halloween lollipops.

For the next two, I covered two boxes with Halloween paper and embellished, and then right underneath the glass beaker filled with candy is a roll of packing tape covered in Halloween paper and embellished.  LOL - the package tape roll worked perfectly.

Gotta have some eyeballs, lol.

I cut a piece of green foam from the flower shop, covered it in Halloween paper and embellished, then poked the chocolate Halloween suckers into the foam.  Worked perfectly.

Mini chocolate bars recovered with Halloween paper and a little bling.

From the dollar store - the black plastic table cloth, the orange spider web, the glass containers, the ghost, witch and dracula candy containers, the black tin pail, the standing witch and ghost, the candy sign.  From Walmart - the cupcake decorations and the ghost and pumpkin cookie cutter (I am using them as little candy dishes).  The Halloween paper, pom pom ribbon, gems, stickers, and other embellishments were from the “Midnight Fog” kit and the LIITD store.

I really had a lot of fun making this, and Paul and Chantel are delighted it is done so they can dive into it.  If I was having a group of people over, I would make some more cupcakes and maybe some cookies and add them to the table.

If you make one, please share with us, I would love to see it!

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This post was written by Lori on October 11, 2009

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