DIY bottle decor

     Posted by Chantel on February 17, 2019

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Chantel, Lori’s daughter. I haven’t always taken after my Mom and her love of scrapbooking, but over the past couple of years, I have dabbled here and there, and my passion for this craft has grown. I now scrapbook quite a bit, and I also love altering things.

Today at the store we had a “Just Create” crop, and on those days we can create along with all those that join us for the day.  (a little perk of working at the store) Today I decided to decorate these bottles for mine and my fiancé’s house (they will probably also be decor for our wedding). I love how they turned out.


The olé milk jug is a thrift store find, as is the “fancier” one with the lid. The whisky bottle I found in the ditch in -30 weather when I was out on a photo hunt.


I have a passion for thrifting and finding old things and making them into a decor pieces, if you know me, you know that I love something that’s vintage and has some history.


Today I learned how to mix gold glitter and glass glitter into matte medium and then apply it to create a cool vintage effect. When I put it on I thought it looked horrible but Mom reassured me to just wait till it dried to see how it would look. It looks so cool, I never would have guessed that this is how you do this.


Anyway, for my first blog post (thanks Lisa for encouraging me) … I thought I would share this little story about my old bottles.


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Trust Your Heart

     Posted by Lisa on February 10, 2019

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

Those that follow me on Instagram got a tiny little sneak peek last night of the project I’m sharing today.  I don’t often share peeks but since it’s the Month of Love I thought I’d give a little teaser.  If you want more just let me know and I’ll keep doing them!

When Lori sent me chipboard from the January kit there was one piece that I knew I had to turn into a steampunk art piece!

The Geometric Heart with all it’s angles just screamed steampunk, well it did for me anyway!

I truly love creating this kind of art, finding random things and putting them together to make a piece full of texture and oddities just speaks to me and brings me so much happiness!


Rummaging through my stash of found bits finding things that fit is so much fun!  Seriously, adding things like a spark plug to a canvas, how can it not be fun?!


Even the pedestal base was a recycled piece!  This summer we had a leak from the bathroom into our kitchen.  So my husband could make the necessary repairs I cleaned off the top of the kitchen cabinets where I found a mystery box.  When I opened it I found a set of Salt & Pepper shakers from Leons…..hmmm must’ve been a free gift when we purchases some furniture.  Instead of throwing them away, I quickly added them to my stash of wooden objects.  Some paint, a few other findings and viola the perfect base for my canvas!!


Of course I also use lots of purchased embellishments on my project, including LIITD Laser Cut gears…wouldn’t be a proper steampunk piece without gears!


Obviously the Geometric Heart is the center piece of the overall project.  I really wanted it to stand out!  First I covered the chipboard with Black Embossing powder then added a piece of Ranger Copper Adhesive Metal Sheet behind it.

The copper sheet was way to shiny and ‘clean’ for the look I wanted, so I roughly sanded it to scratch it up and used the end of a paint brush to make divots.  Then I added some black gesso over top wiping away the excess.  The perfect grungy look!


Once all the pieces were glued onto the canvas (which is 5×5) and base I covered everything with black gesso.  I then painted on Finnabair Metallique paint in Emerald Green.  OMG I love this colour!!  It’s kinda magical too because if you add water it looks blue, but dries green, so fun!

Once that was dry I dry brushed more black gesso over top just on some of the more raised parts, this adds extra dimension.  To really bring out all the texture and highlight the piece the last step was to dry brush Finnabair Metallique in Steampunk Copper.

When you’re creating remember to Trust You Heart and make pieces that bring you joy!

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