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     Posted by Brooke on February 19, 2017

small packages.

I definitely didn’t get half of my planned Valentine’s Day projects done (my all time favourite day of the year by the way)… but I did complete one special project and that makes me happy.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of loom weaving a lot lately. Old school, I know. But it’s so trendy right now and I love how “vintagey” and cozy the wall hangings look.

I used various yarns & wool roving to weave with as well as a quirky little bit of pompom ribbon courtesy of vintage American Crafts. I had to use some sort of scrapbook product, right?

So here it is, my first ever woven wall hanging.

I found a bunch of tutorials online and really just taught myself through trial and error. It’s a bit wonky and uneven in some spots but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I can’t wait to try patterns and shapes with different colour schemes. Maybe the triangles/diamonds I am seeing EVERYWHERE right now.

brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team woven wall hanging diy

brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team woven wall hanging diy

I made the weaving with a friend in mind and wanted to gift it to her for Galentine’s Day (not a typo, it’s the day before Valentine’s Day!). I stuck with a fairly neutral colour schemebut added pink because it’s her absolute favourite colour.

Since I was gifting the wall hanging for a special occasion, I knew I wanted the wrapping to be special as well.

I used the GORGEOUS K & Company paper that is available in the store in a bunch of different colours/patterns.

I went with the pink and white floral (she loves pink after all) to wrap the gift box but it was super difficult to choose a colour because they’re all SO pretty.

k & company paper roll gift wrappingI cannot rave about this paper enough. It’s thick with a bit of texture and folds so crisply. And that glide? Ooh the scissors just cut through it like butter.

brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team k and company paper roll gift wrap diy

I used it for gift wrapping but there are so many other options. You could cover the backing of a bookshelf, cover a lampshade, make party banners, or it would be perfect just run through a diecut machine.

brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team k and company paper roll gift wrap diy

I kept the topper fairly minimal…well as minimal as lace and a doily can be. A couple layers of patterned paper with some lace sewn on top is minimal for me!

brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team k and company paper roll gift wrap diy

You can see that I added 3D foam dots for dimension and so that the mini clothespin would lay flat.

Oh and also the slight texture of the paper. I probably sound like a crazy person but this wrapping paper is luxurious.Is that possible? I’m into it.

brooke gorrell for love is in the details design team k and company paper roll gift wrap diy

Now that I’ve raved about 1970’s loom weaving and luxurious wrapping paper…what do you think? Is loom weaving something you would try? Do you sometimes put a bit of extra time into your giftwrapping? Let me know in the comments!

Happy belated Galentine’s day everyone!

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Amazing Things

     Posted by Lori on February 15, 2017

Quite some time ago I showed you a mini album that I made for Chantel.  (you can see it here)  I really enjoyed making it, and I believe she really enjoyed receiving it.  :)


Some of you expressed interest in making one, and asked me if I would host a class.  Well, it’s taken a long time, but I have finally accomplished that for you.


For this blog post, I am showing you a few of the inside pages, quite a good sneak peek of what some of the album looks like inside.


I just love the cactus in this one … so cute!  I call this album my modern twist to the one I made Chantel.


In the class, there is different sentiments to choose from, and different papers, you don’t have to make yours exactly like mine.  We are using the Just Be You collection from Echo Park.


For more information, the dates of the class, etc., please click here.  You will also see a few other upcoming classes on that page as well.  It feels good to get some classes up, and I am excited to have Brooke join in the teaching fun.


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Happy Hearts and Chocolates Day!

     Posted by Norine on February 12, 2017

Part of this post is very old (like, a year old) and part of it is very this-week.  Last February (yes, A YEAR AGO) Lori mailed me some of these gold foil Happy Valentine’s Day die cuts from a die she has in the store, so I could make some cards.  Long before they ever arrived in my mail box, we’d given them up for lost.  Just a weeny little envelope, nothing special for size or markings, but it took 6 weeks to get here!!  So, shout out to the USPS!!  But you get to see the cards they made THIS year.

Let’s have a look see, shall we?


The first two cards have a piece of vellum layered over top to fade the patterned paper back a little.



This card has some vellum too, but I cut it into a scalloped rectangle, using a die I have.  Can you see it?  I used some gold/white wrapping paper I have too, as the backdrop to the gold sentiment and the flower and leaves die cuts.


On this last card, I embossed a piece of grey cardstock with a Sizzix Textured Impressions Roses embossing folder, and kept the adornments simple with just some metallic leaf sequins and some gold acrylic dots.  Such an elegant color combo I think.


Well anyway, you know what they say about better late and all that.

Moving on, I saw this technique somewhere in my wanderings on the inter webs this week and decided to make a detour on my walk that very morning to stop in at the local Sally Beauty store near my house.


This a product I knew nothing about!  It’s this super narrow, metallic nail tape, for doing fancy manicures I guess, but IMO they’re put to way more fun use like this!  I laid down an outline of a heart shape on watercolor paper, using washi tape and then added layers and layers of this nail tape to divide the shape into mosaic-like sections.




Then I watercolor painted.  Once dry, I removed the tape and was left with this fun result!



And then!?  They turned into these cards!



(Can you believe how well those die cut feathers match the painted heart??  Not even planned!)  (Those die cuts are from the Pink Paislee line, called Moonstruck.)


And finally…


Don’t ask me about the flower embellishments on this card.  They are pure Vintage Scrapbook supplies!  SEI and Making Memories I think?  From before most of you were born.  But the Nuvo drops on these cards are current and available in the store!

So that’s it; thanks for stopping by today!

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